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I'm Here A Lot
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Must have apps

Just switched over from iPhone to the Nexus and love it!


I am, however, trying to find out what apps people are using.


Please advise on your favourites.


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I've Been Around
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Re: Must have apps

If you have an Android or touchscreen Symbian device (e.g., Nokia N8, 5800, X7, etc.), download SWYPE ( for Android, for Nokia). Swype is an intuitive touchscreen keyboard that is particularly useful in portrait mode on smaller phones, though its usefulness extends to any device it is compatible with. Some Android phones come with Swype built in, so check your phone first!

Unfortunately it is not available for iOS (yet!!!...hopefully Apple allows it one day!). I have an iPhone 4, but I recommend Swype to all my Nokia and Android using friends. 🙂


*edited to add a subject line - this was part of the tech tips contest (Gina)

I'm a Reliable Contributor
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Re: Must have apps

Chrome to Phone. It means you use Chrome on your PC, but I love it, Especially for things like pictures.
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Re: Must have apps

You can download :

  • The Chrome To Phone Android app here.
  • The Chrome extension here.
  • The Firefox extension here.
  • The Opera extension here.
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Re: Must have apps

Get juice Defender for battery saver
Here is a link that will help you more. Its the same Galaxy Nexus we have.
I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Must have apps

Some of my favourite apps:


  1. Fancy Widgets - Weather Widget
  2. Smooth Calendar - Calendar Widget
  3. Express News - News Widget
  4. Weather Bug
  5. Aldiko - ebook reader
  6. Overdrive - ebook reader and also alows you to download from the library
  7. LiveProfile Messenger - works like BBM
  8. KiK Messenger - works like BBM
  9. WhatsApp Messenger
  10. Viber - phone to phone free calls worldwide
  11. ColourNote - just like a postit
  12. AVG Antivirus
  13. GoMobile - Go Transit Schedule
  14. IMDb
  15. Flixster
  16. IMapmyRun - great app for runners
  17. Google+
  18. CatholicOne
  19. Cadre Bible



  1. Jewels Star - a bejewelled type game
  2. Bubble Shot
  3. Marble Blast - Luxor type game


I'm a Trusted Contributor
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Re: Must have apps

Shazam for music I.d. cool
Titanium Backup
Zedge for ringtones
Go launcher
Droid wall
Go locker
Traffic counter
SMS blocker
Loads more
I'm a Trusted Contributor
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Re: Must have apps

Oh yeah.. xda
Get jar
Not an app but the Android soul is a great website.
look out

Just off the top of my head..
I'm a Trusted Contributor
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Re: Must have apps

My must have (or must try) apps:

  • Launchers: ADW Launcher, Launcher Pro, GO Launcher
  • Widgets: Beautiful Widgets, Pure Calendar
  • Keyboards: SwiftKey, Hacker's Keyboard
  • Games: Cordy, Riptide GP, Asphalt 6, Guerrilla Bob, Live Holdem Poker Pro, Minecraft, Shadowgun, Wind-up Knight...
  • Social: FriendCaster (Facebook)TweetCaster (Twitter), Epinephrine (MSN)
  • Others: Astro File Manager, Dropbox, Bluetooth File Transfer, AudioManager, AveComics, Barcode Scanner, DicePlayer, IMDb
  • All Google Android apps in the Market are worth trying
  • Root apps: ROM Manager, Market Enabler, Superuser
I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Must have apps

check out:


Go Keyboard

Dolphin Browser HD


Sportacular (for small scores widget)