Motorola Moto X +1

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Motorola Moto X +1

I hope I'm not the only person totally stoked for the Moto X +1 release. There has been a lot of buzz and rumors flying around about this device. Things like a 5.1", 1080p screen, 32GB of internal memory, and a very nice 12mp camera.


I'm not holding my breath about the screen size rumor, but I can hope!


My question is, Verizon boasts a September 25th release for this device, but when do you think Rogers will get it? I've been rocking the Moto X for a while now and cannot wait to upgrade to the +1. (especially when another rumor is that the +1 is accompanied by a moto 360!!!) 


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Re: Motorola Moto X +1

Hello K0Samantha



Unfortunately the device hasn't been announced let alone released.  There won't be any word until Motorola or Rogers says something.  It may or may not come to Rogers.  We just have to wait and see when it gets announced!