Mobile Hotspot not working

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Mobile Hotspot not working

Can't initiate mobile hotspot using Nexus 5 ever since moving to Rogers network




I switched over to a Rogers mobile plan for my Nexus 5 phone about a month ago. Before, I was a Fido, then Freedom Mobile customer. I've been having an issue ever since I switched where I can no longer connect my Macbook to my phone's hotspot. To be more accurate.. The laptop CAN detect and connect to my hotspot wifi, but I can't access the internet.  I can still use 4G data to access the internet with the Nexus 5 phone no problem though. 


Is this an issue with my APN setup? Or is it something else? Any help is appreciated.


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Re: Mobile Hotspot not working

Hey @Yzz,


Thanks for posting to the Rogers Community!

We certainly want to help you resolve any mobile hotspot issues you may be experiencing, with your Google Nexus 5.


These steps will help identify and resolve the underlying cause of the problem:

  1.  Verify you've enabled and set up mobile hotspot on your Google Nexus 5.
  2.  Verify mobile data is enabled.
    •   From the home screen, tap the All Apps icon.
    •   Scroll to and tap Settings.
    •   Tap Data usage.
    •   Tap Cellular data to enable mobile data, if needed.
  3.  Verify your Google Nexus 5 is connected to the network.
    •    From the home screen, tap the All Apps icon.
    •    Scroll to and tap Settings.
    •    Tap More.
    •    Tap Cellular networks.
    •    Tap Carrier settings.
    •    Tap Update profile. After the update completes, tap OK.
    •    Tap Update PRL. After the update completes, tap OK.

Without the hotspot add-on, you can't share your Google Nexus 5 mobile hotspot with other devices.


Perform a soft reset. A soft reset reconnects your Google Nexus 5 to the network.
•    Press and hold the Power key until your phone restarts.

To optimize device performance, be sure your Google Nexus 5 is running the most recent device software.


Hope this helps!