Landscape locked! Galaxy Note 3 SM-900W8

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Landscape locked! Galaxy Note 3 SM-900W8

Note 3 SM-900W8 - Stock Rogers android 4.4.2


  • Need help with my Note 3 from Rogers suddenly unable to rotate at all.  most apps are stuck in landscape, camera will not rotate.
  • NO apps from outside sources/custom roms/tweaks/hacks/or scetchy apps.  Bone stock from Rogers with all updates.
  • Tried factory reset, tried all settings related to rotation within all apps, tried battery pulls, tried praying.. so far no success. 

What's going on with my phone? and how do we resolve the locked rotation issue?


Thanks for your help.



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Re: Landscape locked! Galaxy Note 3 SM-900W8

Personally I've heard a lot of people having similar issues, most have 3rd party rotation apps to control accessibility.  Not sure if you tried that as of yet, anyone else have any other suggestions?