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LG V30

I plan to stick around

Any news or speculation on the V30 coming to Rogers? It's set to release Oct 5th in the States, I'd assume we can't be far behind.




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Re: LG V30

Good morning @cafekief and @cuca


All our upcoming updates are listed on our OS Upgrade Schedule page. Currently, we have no upcoming updates listed for the LG V30.


If you're seeking more information on this particular update, you can try reaching out to LG directly as we have no further information to share on this update.




Re: LG V30

I plan to stick around
Thanks for the reply Rogers Corey. I love my V30, and I wish LG would just not "abandon" their phones. Cheers. I noticed pie is comming soon!!

Re: LG V30

I plan to stick around

Hello, regarding the V30 pie update, I've noticed on Reddit that the pie update for this phone went the following way:

1. Released. 2. then pulled for bad ram management and bugs.  3. Now there is a "September 1" update that fixes all of the bugs/ram management, apparently.   I'm just wondering if this is being sorted out at Rogers?  Sorry to flog a dead horse on this issue, but I have to ask since apparently the V30 pie update is "coming soon".

Thanks again.

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