LG G5 Horrible Signal

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LG G5 Horrible Signal

Hi guys,

I received an LG G5 shipment yesterday (May 17th). I switched over from my galaxy s6 to the g5. After activating the new SIM, the mobile network signal has been absolutley horrible. LTE in my house puts the g5 to about 2 signal bars, when I switched to 3g/4g i get 2-4/5 bars. Signal is showing -115 dbs around there. I've done network resets, factory resets, sim card removal, battery removal, etc. But the same thing keeps happening. At one point incoming calls weren't going through. People are advising that im cutting off. I spoke to a rogers rep and they said coverage in my area is good.

My question is can I return this device and switch to another one instead like s7 or s8? I'm worried about the 30 minute airtime, but I feel like this is more of a defective network issue or could be the phone because when I had the galaxy s6 signal was always full bars.



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Re: LG G5 Horrible Signal

Hello @SLuthra

As long as you haven't gone over the 30 minutes of talk time and are within the 15 grace period then yes u can! Contact Rogers and let them know u want to ship it back and have them exchange it with another phone! They should be able to do it once u send it back!

Ask them to actually see if they can let u return the device at ur local Rogers store and see if they have any stock of the S8 or other phone u want! Make sure u also take everything that came with the phone when returning it!. When speaking to them, make sure u have them note everything and give u the Interaction ID number.

As for the issue. Unfortunately it seems go be happening with the G5 as when I had mine, had the same issues. Sold it due to network issues and battery drops. ( battery wouldn't last more then 6hrs where my S8+lasts over 14hrs.)
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Re: LG G5 Horrible Signal

  • First off the G5 has been the worst product I've ever purchased which is an absolute shame as I love the design. I was able to resolve one major issue of horrible signal by switching to wifi calling (no this is not due to a lack of network in my area, it is the phone). I sent the phone for repair for the rear facing camera focus issue only to have them come back three weeks later and say it was water damage and cannot be repaired. I know for a fact this is not the case. I will buy out the remaining term on my contract for a new brand. Thanks LG, consider my loyalty to your brand gone.  Oh yeah, I have also cancelled my appliance purchases. If your going to make a good product, please make sure it works.
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Re: LG G5 Horrible Signal

Hello @stv2

Unfortunately you aren't the only one. I had issues with a LG device a couple years ago. Sent it in and got it backs saying the same after me taking a video of it not water damage and all. ( The white indicator never showed water damage or anything). So i went to the top and arguments happened. 4 months later I got a call from the VP of customer relations of LG Canada. Did not offer me to fix the phone however I got one free all in repair for any LG product I have. I don't own any LG product other then the OLED tv I have. So all in all LG support isn't that great for their phones..