IMEI on Blacklist! Please Help!!

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I've Been Around
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Re: IMEI on Blacklist! Please Help!!

My phone was blacklisted due to non payment. I paid off my whole remaining balance 4 months ago, since then I am contacting rogers. Every time they direct me to some department, note down my imei number and tell me to wait for 72 hours and it will work. I have called and waited 7 times for my 72 hours. Why is rogers not cooperating with their customers. When they needed money payback, they called at 5:00 am morning but since I paid in whole, they keep on ignoring me. Why are they doing this? If someone from rogers is reading, please help me. 🙏

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: IMEI on Blacklist! Please Help!!

Send email to CRTC, most of times Rogers try to screw customers. FYI - My phone is still blacklisted and sitting right in front of my like paper weight.