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Huawei OS updates

I Plan to Stick Around

Hi everyone,

Figured I'd start a thread for the Huawei line of phones at Roger's. This should serve as a great registry for current and upcoming developments.

1st on the docket list for the P20: July 9th security update; June version. I have yet to see this update appear on my phone. This holds true even using the computer firmware software update.

It's currently July 14th and the OS upgrade table has morphed from "June security updates" to "Bug fixes + June security updates"

Can anyone comment on the changelog? I won't inquire about the delay because the most recent update to the chart says it all, I.e "big fixes"

The next anticipated feature I hope will deploy is WiFi calling. VoLTE on the P20 has been phenomenal to date!




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Re: Huawei OS updates

I Plan to Stick Around

While I'm disappointed that the update has been delayed again, I agree with @jlkjlk that my P20 Pro is still a great phone. The camera is great, which is why I chose this phone over others, and the battery life is good too. My previous phone was a Lumia 950 - again chosen for its camera - and at least Huawei hasn't abandoned their phones and the OS completely.

Re: Huawei OS updates

I am just as disappointed and peed off as the rest of everyone here. I am just wondering if anyone has thought if maybe possibly there is some connections to the current situation on going with Canada and China, or is this just too far fetched of a conspiracy theory 😉

Re: Huawei OS updates

Community Manager (Retired)

Hey Community,


We have just received a further update from Huawei Canada. Again, it's not great news, but we will always work to be as transparent as we can.



The details are as follows:


The P20 rollout will now be prolonged from January 16th through to February 15th.


The P20 Pro, again a little more complication. Huawei Canada will now release Android Pie which includes the January security update. The rollout for those who still do not have Android Pie will begin January 21st and is now to be fully completed by February 18th.

The rollout for those already on Android Pie stays the same, and will begin January 21st and be fully completed by January 28th.


I know this is not what any of us wanted to hear, but the reasoning for the rollout schedule revision was to accommodate Chinese New Year, which is a holiday period in China.




Re: Huawei OS updates

I Plan to Stick Around

Thanks for the update @RogersDarrell. While I'll have to wait longer for the update than I'd really like, I appreciate you updating everyone on the forum, even if it's not good news.



Re: Huawei OS updates

I've Been Around

P20 Pro in BC. Impatiently waiting for the update too...


Btw, I phoned Rogers support earlier. They have no idea what's going on with updates and don't even know that this community support forum exists!


I just hope we don't see another message from Rogers on Feb 16th, telling us now it's March xxx.... 


As an IT guy myself I really can't understand why they cannot offer internet downloads and installation through HiSuite - all the technology is available, so what's the big deal about that?