Htc one M9 garbage

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Htc one M9 garbage

The htc one m9 is doing poorly because it is a terrible phone, i have had one for 6 months, it seemed to be fine but a little misleading in the advertisements. The speakers suck, my Samsung had a louder speaker than this piece.  The surface is easily scratch able on the bottom where you plug it in, my paint is all gone around the insert. The one majior head ache besides paying a fortune for this phone is that when it updated its software something that is supposed to be a good thing it totally turned my phone into a piece of . . It started over heating big time to the point that i could not even hold the phone at times, it would not charge over 85% and would die in 6 hrs. I had to do a factory reset to resolve it, and make sure it does not updat again but low and behold i forget this kind of stuff and have had to do a system restart twice sense then, what a head ache. Plus good luck getting this phone to connect to a computer no  matter what i tried i could not get it to connect to a pc. I am a computer tech and did everything possible, even went into the programmable part of the phone to no avail. Funny how one month after this debacle upgrade the phone was on sale super cheap then discontinued....great now im stuck with a head ache of a phone for 1000 dollars nice one HTC, i knew i should have stayed with Samsung:(  Rogers has seemed to discontine this phone only months after the launch...hmm wonder why, im sure if i make a stink they will say it was because of poor sales not because it is buggy. Rogers should out of the kindness of there Contact all the pople how boght this with a deal to switch because man im upset that i have to wait 2 flippen years to trash this thing, prob wont, ill just pay the rest off take it in the back side and go to bell.

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Re: Htc one M9 gargage

Hello @tooler69,


Welcome to the Community! 


I am sorry to hear about your experience with the phone. I have personally never used an HTC, always stuck to Apple. Does anyone else have experience with this phone? Please feel free to chime in. 


@Meowmix, any thoughts? 


@tooler69, thanks for sharing with the Community. 



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Re: Htc one M9 gargage

Hello @tooler69

The HTC One M9 always had this issue and thus why the carriers stopped supporting it and stopped selling it. ( They still support it IF you are under the warranty but limited support.

Hmm i was able to hook it up on my laptop just now and it works. Don't know why yours didn't work but mine just worked.

As for changing carriers. There really isn't any point as Bell does the same thing. They won't do anything either as you signed a agreement and in order to upgrade to a new phone, u must pay the upgrade fee. All carriers do this and it's not Rogers fault the HTC One M9 failed and they won't go out of their way to give another brand new phone to let's say 1 thousand customers.

I do agree though that HTC has failed and isn't the same thing anymore.
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Re: Htc one M9 gargage

It sounds like you got a faulty device and should have it replaced under warranty.  


I have had this phone since the day it came out and while it hasn't been perfect it, mine has not had all of the issues you are experiencing.  My phone does get hot due to the Snapdragon 810 SOC but the M9 isn't the only phone with that chip to get really warm.  One of the HTC software updates was released to specifically deal with the overheating issue, they throttled the processor a little as did some other manufaturers with the 810.


I have not experienced loosing any of the color on the phone either, but I usually look at the charging port while plugging it in so I don't randomly stab arond it until I hit the right spot.


If you upgraded the OS, doing a factory reset will not revert it back to an older version, it will reset the system but you will keep the same version of the OS.  Sometimes you have to do a factory reset after a major update and this effects all manufacturers sometimes, not just HTC.


I have never had an issue connecting to a computer, I plug it in, it detects the device and shows it mounted as an external drive. I have used it on Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 without issues connecting.


I am a disappointed in the performace though due to the overheating as it causes the battery to charge much more slowly and have had to occasionally set the phone on an ice pack to charge it quickly when in a hurry and the phone does lag due to the processor disabling the high perfomance cores when it gets hot.  


I recently had a hardware failure with the power button not working most of the time so it was replaced under warranty and because my insurance allows me to I decided to get a Nexus 6P to replace it whcih has the same Snapdragon 810 but Huawei has done an excellent job in controlling the heat and it never throttles the processor.  


I agree that HTC has gone down hill a lot in the past 5 years.I have owned every flagship HTC since 2010 and while it did improve when the One M7 came out, it starting going downhill again from there.  I have given up on HTC for now even though I love the Sense interface they lay onto Android I am really loving the pure Android experience on the Nexus.  I will be keeping my eye on the M10 and see how it performs after it's been on the market for several months and has been thouroughly reviewed.

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Re: Htc one M9 garbage

Very bad to hear your such as wrost experience with htc on m9. But don't worry have some patience beacuse some of your problems could be solve very easily. If your phone is under warranty then yu can easily send to HTC care centre for repair or you  can directly contact with HTC Support Community for help and extra support. But i the device is out of warranty and you don't want to send it to care centre then the other option isHTC One M9 Manual. Use this guide and fix every possible problem easlisy within short period of time.