HTC One M8 and NFC Sim Cards

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HTC One M8 and NFC Sim Cards

I would like to get into paying for items via the Tap to Pay feature using my HTC ONE M8 phone that I purchased from Rogers. However one of the requirements of the scheme is that you need a NFC SIM card. I'm not sure if my card is an NFC SIM card or standard SIM card is there anyway of determining which one it is through the settings or info screen?

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Re: HTC One M8 and NFC Sim Cards

Hello mwake

The only way to know if your sim card is a NFC sim card is if you open the Suretap app & if it tells you the app is not supported, then it could indicate that the sim card is not a NFC one.

You can also go into any Rogers store & explain your situation & see if they can give a free NFC sim card to you & activate it for you & it should work.