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Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL Reservation Number / Questions

I'm a Trusted Advisor

Hey guys!

Google just announced the Google Pixel and Pixel XL! Great phones with great features! Let's discuss more here!

1). Once Rogers has announce when they will add the Google Pixel and Pixel XL to the reservation list & the day comes, sign into your My Rogers account - Product & Services – Wireless & you will see a Red wording saying “Device Reservation" on the main page. Click that & it will take you to the page. Once there you will need to pick which device you want; Google Pixel and Pixel XL Black and what other colors they may release it on. You also need to pick the store you want it to go too. Just to make it clear, reservations are for current Rogers wireless customers which have contracts with them. Rogers will put up the Pre order list for people that want to pre order the phone which have no wireless accounts with Rogers. Also just too add below is the meaning of the statues .

- If your status is "OPEN", your reservation has been made and we are awaiting product from our supplier. At this time you can change your pick-up location, contact email address or cancel your reservation.
- If your status is "CANCELLED", your reservation has been cancelled and your reservation fee will be credited back to your account.
- If your status is "IN PROGRESS", we have begun the shipment process and you will not be able to edit or cancel your reservation any longer. The next email you will get will be the one that confirms shipment to the store you chose.
- If your status is "SHIPPED", your device has left our warehouse and is on its way to the store you chose. Keep in mind that you can NOT reserve a device via calling them. It can ONLY happen if the reservation system is down but they will to reserve it via online. Plus if you reserve it via phone, you will NOT see your status or know what number you are VS reserving it online.

2). Please keep in mind that if you pick a Rogers Authorized dealership, you may not be able to get the device soon after it ships. This has been the main issue with all the iPhone reservations & most of the other devices which have been on the reservation system. I would suggest you pick a Local Rogers store (Corporate Rogers store or Rogers Plus) to go to get it. When the Rogers warehouse sends it out, the Rogers stores will get them first. Some of the Rogers Authorized dealers have their own warehouse in which the devices will go to. After that there is no tracking until the device ships from that warehouse & goes to the store & they call you. You can also look for your FlexTab aka upgrade fee online via My Rogers or contact Rogers & they will let you know.

3). Also remember you are going to have to put down a $40 fee to reserve the device. Once it ships out, the $40 fee will be reversed back into your account. IF you want to cancel your reservation, that $40 will also be credit back to you. So either way you will get that $40 back. Also remember you may NOT be the first to get the phone if you have a high number or a low one. The Reservation system is made to have a device reserved for you as the stores will be sold out. If your reservation status still says “ OPEN” after launch & a store has a device in stock, you can still go in the store & get it. Then come back home & cancel the reservation online. If the status is “ IN PROGRESS” & you get a device via a store that have one for u, you have to wait until it ships out & then tell the store that u picked u do not want it. Do reemember the reservation number is CANADA - WIDE. This means if lets say you are #45 in line for the black one, you are #45 for that GB , color & model Canada wide. Also keep in mine you have to be the account holder in order to pick up the device at the store. No one else can. You can try adding a family member as Level on the account but some stores will decline it.

For frequently asked questions about the Rogers Reservation System, please click here Rogers Reservation FAQ

4) .For Corporate / Business customers. You guys will have a different line then regular customers do. This means you guys have a few different statutes then regular customers do. Also keep in mind for the past few years there has been issues / confusen about business customers getting the phones via the reservation. You guys will be getting them the day of launch or after depending on your status & what goes on.

Let's make this thread the only thread for the devices please and if you guys have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me and I'll gladly be able to helpSmiley Happy


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Re: Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL Reservation Number / Questions

I'm a Trusted Advisor
Hello @Prospect

As a formar sales supervisor at Best Buy I can tell you they played you off. First you can NOT scan the wrong item as u scan the bar code on the box. Now sometimes it shows let's say R for Rogers and F for Fido and they get that mixed up but not the actual name of the device and all.

Seems to me both stores did not want to help nor actually knew what they were talking about. Most likely saw Pixel Black instead and thought it was for the XL.

I would contact head office of Best Buy and complain about that. Give them the store locations and managers names.

Re: Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL Reservation Number / Questions

I Plan to Stick Around

Hello @Meowmix


It's just baffling that a Mobile Manager at one location and a Sales Manager at the other location both do not know which device is which. 


It comes down to the Mobile Manager holding strong in his belief that he did recieve the Rogers Black XL 128, and that he had one in stock, which seemed to have been sold when I first returned. 


And a Sales Manager who believed he set aside the Black XL 128, but it happened to be a non-XL and expresed his upset at a variance in his system. 


I am really upset that I had to cancel my pending upgrade which would have shipped next week. 


I'm not sure what I should expect them to do at this point.

Re: Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL Reservation Number / Questions

I'm a Trusted Advisor
Hello @Prospect

Oh i agree. Normally when dealing with Best Buy, ask for the store manager and they will be able to help you more. The Sales manager doesn't deal with the Mobile Section and only rarely do they come in and help. So whoever they asked, gave them the wrong information and or did not look at the actual system and mixed them up.

In reality if you want, contact Best Buys head office and make a complaint about all that.

As for the device, there is no way to get it from Best Buy unless they release it fully.

Re: Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL Reservation Number / Questions

I also had a troublesome experience in BestBuy when I was buying the Pixel XL. The got confused with the regular pixel and said that they had it in stock!

Later I finally decided to go ahead with the 32GB Pixel XL Black on Rogers. The sales rep enters my DL number wrong and I get tagged as a fraud in the Rogers system.

So I was made to wait for 4 hours in the store talking to the Rogers Customer care. All the time, the Best Buy rep kept insisting that its a bug from Rogers end. 

I had to check my equifax report also due to this issue. Finally after 4 days, I get to know from the Rogers customer care that the Best Buy rep had entered my DL number wrongly and that caused all the mess!

Because of that, I lost out on couple of offers that Rogers was offering at that time!


Never trusting BestBuy again!


Re: Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL Reservation Number / Questions

I'm a Trusted Advisor
Hello @sacthegreat

Yeah the reps aren't trained good when it comes to Best Buy Mobile. They get a little training but of course they do the online training which they skip most of it and then they get their buddies to help them with the questions. So that's what you get with them

Believe me working at Best Buy I can give u a list of things lol