Galaxy S7 Firmware updates

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Galaxy S7 Firmware updates

When would there be Galaxy S7/Edge users receive OTA firmware updates, containing monthly security patch updates? It's still at April security patch level and users of other carriers have been getting June update as early as late May.
Please do not disregard customer concerns or assume that average customers won't notice or care about the updates thus not making complaints about really late updates.
I hope to be receiving updates, hopefully the latest which willbe July update, soon.
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Re: Galaxy S7 Firmware updates

Hi @highka

  Thank you for posting on the Community Forums. 


The 6.0.1 software update for the Samsung S7 should be released soon. We have no specific dates available besides Summer 2016.


We appreciate your patience.



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Re: Galaxy S7 Firmware updates

Hey @RogersLynne it seems that the Galaxy S7 is already running 6.0.1, my Galaxy is already running it. What @highka is refering to is the monthly security patches that google and samsung have been releasing for quite some time to combat security exploits and improve performance in android phones. Almost every single cell carrier in the world has been pushing these updates within a week or two of their release with the most recent update being the june security patch to the best of my knowledge. It seems that Rogers customers are only patched up to April 2nd, 2016. This means that Android users on the Rogers wireless network are being left with potentially vulnerable versions of the operating system while the rest of the world is having their systems patched on a monthly basis seeing frequent improvements in security and performance.

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Re: Galaxy S7 Firmware updates

Exactly my point, thank you.
Samsung has been releasing these monthly security pathches yet Rogers Galaxy S7 is stuck at April version the patch.
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Re: Galaxy S7 Firmware updates

At this point with any Rogers services should it really surprise anyone on what's delivered to them? I mean it would shock me more if they changed their process on how these udpdates are sent to us rather then how many months behind we are.


Makes you wonder with the higher ups in the company must be using other phones then Android because this surely wouldn't fly with them hearing how long this takes or making them wait.

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Re: Galaxy S7 Firmware updates

Hello @AccordXTC

You would be surprised if i told you that most of them use IPhones and some use BlackBerries. I have seen some use Android phones though.. It all depends. It seems to me that they are taking their time on the updates but it's only the carriers fault as well. Rogers does push the updates to the manufacturers and then they also decide when to release them but I do fully agree with all this. Updates and firmware and software need to be released on time.
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Re: Galaxy S7 Firmware updates

Pretty crazy we are still on April updates.


When i look at     its incredible how fast some other carriers outside north america push regular updates. Some of them even still update 4.4.4 on a regular basis!!!!


This might be my last non nexus device...its the latest flagship and updates are still lagging...

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Re: Galaxy S7 Firmware updates

Rogers - if you see this...


Here's a thought...


Put together a beta testing program for your firmware updates.


Have customers opt-in and have real testing on the sure people would actually switch carriers to have that..


By opting in, people accept that bugs might be present, and you get them reported much faster...

do it,i dare you

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Re: Galaxy S7 Firmware updates

I don't think testing for security patches require a lot of time, considering these are 'patches' not something like an entire firmware update. It's just the carrier being lazy, nothing more. But good idea.

Anyhow, Samsung has released July patch, and no sign of even June patch coming from Rogers. Galaxy S6 I also have doesn't even have Marshmallow yet, when other carriers have had their Note 4 (which is an older device than S6 mind you) updated for some time now.
I'm all but one customer but I will be switching to other carrier if things don't get worked out by the time contract ends. Rogers aren't taking Android customers seriously and are thinking we are all non-techies who know nothing about what's going on, which is apparent in how they react to this situation (not even responding or releasing dates).
Here's my rant and have a nice day.
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Re: Galaxy S7 Firmware updates

I just spoke to a Rogers rep. He said he didn't have access to information about when the security updates would be made available.

He contacted tier 2 support and they said they had no ETA, it was still listed as "to be determined".

This is very very disapointing.

Can anyone at Rogers comment further on this? What is causing the delay? We have been waiting 3 months (quarter year) for an update.

We've missed the May update, June update, and it doesn't look like we're getting the July update anytime soon.

These are important security updates to protect your customers.