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Facebook/LG V30 restarts

I'm an enthusiast

So yesterday I tried to make out bound call to father and or mother and it would go through for 2 seconds then it hanged up. Then restart my lg and it work. Any timeline when bug fixes coming to the LG V30? And also Fb not letting me share things to my wall this morning. 😕😔😡




Re: Facebook/LG V30 restarts

I'm a trusted advisor
Hello @cafekief

Hmm that seems to be a issue within the app for Facebook. Not a OS bug issue. The same was happening on iPhone while back and Facebook fixed it with a update. There are issues like that with Instagram however with iPhone on WiFi doing this. It's a known issue regarding Instagram ( Since Facebook owns Instagram).

As for the phone. Have you backed up the device and done a full wipe? Then restore everything back?.. Sometimes the phone may need that to start working properly. Remember they are just devices right.
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