Extremely low signal strength after upgrading phone

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Extremely low signal strength after upgrading phone

I upgraded from a galaxy s2 to a note 4 and i'm currently experiecing abysmal signal strength. With my s2 I had around -50 through -70db now with the note 4 in the same household I'm barely getting 1 or 2 bars with around -110 through -120db. The only real difference I can think of is my s2 didn't have access to lte which the note 4 does. How would I go about putting it on 4g? I've also made sure the sim card is properly inserted. Any other ideas what might be causing this issue?


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Re: Extremely low signal strength after upgrading phone

Hi @RoRo90


In terms of range LTE and 2G/3G/4G will have a big difference. Hence, why you are noticing with the your newer device(which is LTE capable) the level seems lower because it will take LTE network as priority. 


You can go into your network settings and you will see an option for network mode. This will let you select the preferred networks. Incase you were aware for Note 4 LTE is data only, so when you receive a call the phone will automatically drop down to 2G/3G/4G which should result in better signal/levels.


Hope this helpsSmiley Happy