Down or Charge Monthly?

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Down or Charge Monthly?

Today i see that rogers have a Nexus 6P for $199 on a 2 year contract i am wondering is that $199 down or $199 Monthly because i like this phone but if i have charged monthly it will be more worth buying it else were because




With that price i can buy a Brand New Nexus Gold 6P 128GB Some were else


And if its a down payment is there any hidden charges i am on the Share Everything + Plan


With about 3.4k points can that help me get the phone because it says the system is closing soon and i dont want that to go to waste and i am Already on a Xperia M4 i dont like i need to pay $10 a month i wonder can i return it and get a refund?


Rogers is getting confusing because one day i saw a Nexus 6P on BestBuy $0.00 a month 2 year with rogers and rogers wasnt willing to price match it. but people are telling me there are hidden charges ...


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Re: Down or Charge Monthly?



Thank you for your post.


$199 is a one time charge for the cost of the device.

A $20 connection fee is applied when completing an upgrade/activation of a new device.


You can opt to use your Rogers First Reward points to apply towards completing an upgrade.


As for our return policy we will gladly accept the device if the talk time is under 30 minutes and within the buyer's remorse period of 15 days.



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Re: Down or Charge Monthly?

Hey @wpan2002


I second what @RogersMay has clarified.


Any prices you see on the website will be the "Up front" cost + $20 Connection fee.

The contract is what you didn't pay upfront. (Which is what it states you saved).


So the cost of the phone is actually Upfront cost + You saved (upfront) = Full Cost

The Cost you saved, becomes your 2 year contract subsidy.


In case of your Nexus 6P (Good choice by the way!)

Nexus 6P.jpg


The cost upfront is 199.99

The cost of the full price of the phone is 699.99

You save 500.00

500.00 becomes your contract which is 500 ÷ 24 months = 20.83

Every month in your contract the 500.00 total subsidy will decrease by 20.83 until 0.00 is left (end of your 2 year term). At which point you can upgrade again or remain month to month as no contract plan.


But definitely 199.99 x 24 months. NEVER. I would never want to see a phone price that high! 😮

Hope this adds to the clarification @RogersMay has already given you!


and Welcome to the community!