Compatible speeds and current support for galaxy note 9

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Compatible speeds and current support for galaxy note 9

What can the Galaxy note 9 do in speeds and what will rogers support? I currently has data saver on so it slows the speeds.
Should do in separate forum is that will it ever support the esim module?




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Re: Compatible speeds and current support for galaxy note 9

Good evening @cafekief,


As per Samsung Canada website, here is what is said about the Samsung Note 9 Wi-Fi & LTE Performances:

"With integrated gigabit LTE and Wi-Fi capabilities and a 4x4 MIMO antenna, the Galaxy Note9 allows you to tap into extraordinary network speeds up to 1.2Gbps"


At Rogers, we believe in providing a network experience that empowers our customers to make more possible and we are continuously investing to deliver that experience.

Today, you can enjoy a wireless network that gives you the confidence to stay connected in even more places across Canada. Tomorrow, you’ll enjoy endless possibilities as we embark on the world of 5G.


At this time, we have not announced eSIM support for Samsung devices.


Hope this addresses all your inquiries!




I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Compatible speeds and current support for galaxy note 9

I have never seen a post on galaxy note 9 android "9" pie or any carrier update for supporting gigabit speeds or bug fixes of app!
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Re: Compatible speeds and current support for galaxy note 9

Hey @cafekief,


You can find our OS update schedule "here." As for supporting Gigabit level speeds, whenever there's a notable update for any device we'll be sure to keep the community updated! Keep in mind though that a device that's listed as Gigabit LTE capable doesn't mean that it will reach Gigabit speeds. Many other factors do come into play that will impact performance.


Regarding your concerns with bugs, should you be having any software concerns with the device I do recommend you take it into your local Rogers Plus, they can run a diagnostic on in to determine if it's necessary to send it in for repair. Be sure to back up everything important as it may be necessary to factory reset the device.



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