Cannot connect to cell network and IMEI shows 0

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Cannot connect to cell network and IMEI shows 0

For no obvious reasons my LG E971 has failed to connect to the cellphone network. It does not pick up any radio signal and I cannot make phone calls or send text messages. In the same time I have also noticed that the IMEI now shows 0.


I am attaching 2 screenshots from the "Phone Info" menu.

lg 1.pnglg 2.png





























































































I know:

- The issues are with the phone and not the sim, as the sim card works in my wife's phone.

- A factory reset does not solve the problem.

- I am the original owner and the phone has never been rooted or flashed.


I would like to know:

- If the loss of radio signal and IMEI being 0 are related?

- What the possible causes are and if they are fixable?

- lf LG or Rogers will be in a position to help?


Thanks for any thoughts.





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Re: Cannot connect to cell network and IMEI shows 0

Hi @E971


Welcome to the Community Forums! Smiley Happy


Have you take the device into the Rogers store? Check out a retail location where you can use the Device Tune Up to take a closer look into the device for you.


Check out your closest location here.




I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Cannot connect to cell network and IMEI shows 0

Thanks RogersPrasana.


So I visited a local Rogers dealer earlier today. They did not have a Device Tune Up tool, but were kind enough to connect me to Rogers Technical Support. A technician ran some remote control program and declared my phone dead.


LG in an email reply did not give any comments on the issues and simply suggested me to contact the service provider.


I have tried a few solutions I found online, but no miracle. I will most probably go ahead to buy a new phone and keep the LG as a wifi only device.