Can not register for WiFi Calling on Galaxy S7 edge

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Re: Can not register for WiFi Calling on Galaxy S7 edge

@gp-se, the S7e was picked up at the Samsung store and locked to Rogers when I inserted my SIM during first boot --- the phone restarted and added the Roger apps. I checked the CSC to confirm it was set to RWC after I tried to register for wifi calling but all attempts failed with the error: Unfortunately, your device isn't eligable for Rogers Wi-Fi Calling. My phone is definitely locked to Rogers as I tried a Bell SIM and the phone prompted for an unlock code.


@RogersMaudehas been very helpful (thank you!) and opened a ticket with Tech Support to investigate why my IMEI isn't registered as a Rogers device since this is the only way VoLTE, video & wifi calling will work.

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