CAT B15 Phone - voicemail

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CAT B15 Phone - voicemail

I have a Cat B15 model phone.
First Android phone ive ever owned.
Ive Held 1 on the keyboard for the phone to try and activate Voicemail.

It directs me to go to Menu > Settings went there... clicked every option possible to open up screens and see if there was an option labelled Voicemail or something along those lines. But couldnt find anything, can someone please tell me how to set up voicemail on this phone. Smiley Sad So tired trying to figure this out for awhile now.




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Re: CAT B15 Phone - voicemail

Hello ToddSheppard25

Normally you can press 1 and hold it until the Voicemail calls and from there you should be able to set it up.