App issues on android phone

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Re: App issues on android phone

Thank you for your reply @Db69!

I can definitely understand the inconveniences this causes you.


Is Facebook the only application you're experiencing issues with?


Also, could you please verify if it's happening while connected to Wi-Fi and/or mobile network?


If you performed any troubleshooting since noticing the issue, please let us know.


Looking forward to your reply!



I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: App issues on android phone

Yes both with Wi-Fi and network facebook is the only one and I have tried everything thanks for your help
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Re: App issues on android phone

Hello, @Db69


I appreciate trying everything to resolve the issue, however, if you could list all that was tried that would be helpful to isolate the issue. 


When did you first notice the issue? Also, please provide your phone make/model and the OS it's running. 


You can also try clearing data/cache then disable the app which should force uninstall the updates. Then you can enable the app and download the updates by visiting Google Play Store.


If the issue is still not resolved I suggest checking with Facebook support. 


@Community - anybody else is experiencing a similar issue?