Android Pie for Note 8

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Android Pie for Note 8

When is the Galaxy Note 8 going to get the pie update?


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Re: Android Pie for Note 8

Hello @Julian_40,


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Thanks for signing up and congrats on your first post. =)


I know how important it is to be up-to-date on your devices especially when its a big change like with Android Pie. Samsung only just completed the builds for the S9 series and Note 9 devices so it could be a bit of a wait until the S8 series and Note 8 devices get Android Pie. I am definitely hoping it is sooner rather than later!


Once we have specific dates to announce we will updates our OS Upgrade Schedule first so stay tuned to that thread for the latest on what is coming down the pipe for OS upgrades.


I also recommend reviewing this Infographic which outlines the entire process a general time to market.


I hope you find this information useful!



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Re: Android Pie for Note 8


are we getting the pie update, I see that everyone got it so far except Note 8, and please don’t bother sending the sheet with the OS and their date, we want a straight answer!!!




thank you

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Re: Android Pie for Note 8

Samsung posted in the members app that the update will come in March for the s8 and note 8. The Roger's update schedule doesnt mention anything about the update. So who knows. Yesterday the beta for the s8 and note 8 in USA ended so I'm guessing we should see the update rolled out in a week or so.
I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Android Pie for Note 8

Hi to everyone,


Was just wondering if we have an update form for the OS Software upcoming to the Android, and also if you Rogers received any news for the Pie Update for the Samsung 8 Series


Thank you