3 Google Pixel lemons in 3 months. Can I get a refund or change to a new device?

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3 Google Pixel lemons in 3 months. Can I get a refund or change to a new device?

Hi here's my story:


I have "upgraded" to a Google Pixel phone on December 24th 2016. Since then I had to have 2 Google pixel replaced due to hardware malfunctions (Please note that I don't pay for the Rogers handset protection plan). And now my 3rd Pixel is acting up... HELP!


The first Pixel had issues with the external speakers, the sound level were very low luckily I was within the first 15 days period so I went to a rogers store and the phone was replaced right away.


Fast forward to the begining of March 2017 the screen on my 2nd Pixel would not turn on, no water damage or impact damage it just stopped working. Went back to the rogers store this time the phone had to be sent in for assessment. The verdict: the phone had a deffective screen, within a couple of weeks I got a brand new Pixel from Google.


Now fast forward to Monday March 27th (I'm on my 3rd Pixel at this point) the headphone jack, telephone speaker (the one at the front of the phone) & microphone stopped working!!!! And again this phone has never been dropped or suffered water damage and is in like new condition physically.


When I plug headphones in (I tried with 3 different ones) sound will come out of them for a minute or so then stops and comes out of the external speakers at the bottom. Once this switch happens, the phone no longer recognizes headphones and will only play sound through external speakers. I tried restarting the device and the samething happens sound comes out of the headphones for a minute or so and switches to the bottom speakers. On top of that, when making or receiving a call, the telephone speaker/microphone are not working making it useless for telecommunications... If I restart the phone both are working for a bit and then they go out. I did a factory reset on the device and I am still having these issues.


Bottom line, I am tired of this phone model. I am going to a rogers store tonight to have the phone sent assessment/replacement. After this this will be my 4th  Google Pixel phone in 3 months!!!


My question is, is there any way I can get a refund for this phone to change to something else after 3 months? I have lost too much time with pixels, I no longer trust this brand I am extremely dissapointed in their unreliableness.  


Thank you in advance for your help




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Re: 3 Google Pixel lemons in 3 months. Can I get a refund on change to a new device?

Hello @DIllinger

Welcome to the community forums!.

Hmm that's no good. I have heard issues relating to all of those on the google forums but that was at launch and the software for some fixed it.

Unfortunately they can not do refunds or exchanges as its passed the return period. The only thing I can think of is contact Rogers and speak to the management team. See if they can offer you something even a credit towards a new one. If that doesn't happen, contact the Office of the President and maybe the can help.

Before doing all that, shoot a message to @CommunityHelps and see if they can assist you with that.

I truly hope all gets resolved for u! :
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Re: 3 Google Pixel lemons in 3 months. Can I get a refund on change to a new device?

Hello @DIllinger,

Oh man...I feel your pain! I second the suggestions by @Meowmix - your situation is not acceptable, and you should be able to get resolution quickly.

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Re: 3 Google Pixel lemons in 3 months. Can I get a refund on change to a new device?

I too feel your pain - I went through similiar a few years back with the Blackberry Pearl - replaced 3 on one line, 2 on a second line, and then things went on the other two phones.


At that time, I was too going through the assess, and Blackberry through Rogers replaced right away.


After 7 phones in 5 months, I pushed up to office of president, they were kind to me, acknowledged that they were just plain bad phones - I had also learned that from my daughter as she had past coworkers at RIM.


Got large discounted cost on 2 replacements, and then had note on file that if the next two went, that each time I got a credit on replacement - I did go into a new plan to get the replacement phones, but got better ones with the credits.


Frustrating, but I have had success with the issue in the past - I once sent four new Nokia's back within the 15 day return period - they were all part of a bad batch, so we went to the Pearl instead (bad move - went from bad to worse), but in the end it worked out.  I still have two of the replacement phones still functioning, with good batteries in the drawer - and I got lucky - Blackberry phones pre BB10, you can unlock for free - I have distributed some of them out to relatives and friends for their roaming needs.


Keep pushing, and best of luck but I would agree, time to stop playing the game of sending phone after phone back.