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Looking to learn how to set up and use the Google Assistant? Read on to know what you need to get started and more!


You’ll need:

• Android phone or tablet with Rogers SIM card.
• Recent version of Google Assistant app the Google Play Store

For more information or to get the latest version of the app, please visit the Google Assistant Help page.

Note: the Google Assistant for Rogers is only available in English at this time.


Setting up

  1. Open the Google Assistant app if it’s installed on your device, or download it from the Google Play store.
  2. Check if the Google Assistant app is turned on by pressing and holding the Home button on your Android device. If the Message says “Hi, how can I help?” then your Google Assistant is on. If not, visit the Google Assistant Help page for steps on turning on your Google Assistant.
  3. Begin your conversation with the Google Assistant by holding down the home button on your phone OR by saying “Ok Google” or “Hey Google” followed by a Rogers related question.


Using the Google Assistant


Along with answering general FAQs, the Google Assistant can also show you how to view and pay your Rogers bill, add roaming to your plan, check your mobile usage, and more!

Here are a few ways you can ask:

  • Hey Google, how do I pay my Rogers bill?
  • OK Google, how do I add roaming to my plan?
  • Hey Google, show me current mobile deals.
  • OK Google, how do I unlock a SIM card?
  • Hey Google, when am I eligible for an upgrade?
  • OK Google, what is my voice usage?
Google Assistant FAQs

Why aren't my Rogers related questions generating correct responses?
Check if you have the latest version of the Google Assistant app and that you’re also using a Rogers SIM card. You can also try rephrasing your question to see if that helps.

Why isn’t Google Assistant working when I say “OK Google”?
Please visit the Google Assistant Help page for more information.

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