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traveling to Europe

Hi all!

I'm going to europe (germany, france, england) for 3 weeks and would like to have some form of cellular communication, what do people normally do? I can't see any available travel packs to buy; and the roaming rates are, of course, astronomical. 

should I unlock my phone and buy a sim card over there? I have the S2 lte (i747m).

I mostly just need data - it's easier to just communicate via facebook than texting everyone anyway!...


any help is appreciated!





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Re: traveling to Europe

Hello lincolnelectra

The traveling packs Rogers has are not so good.The data is a small really small amount for a high payment.

I would suggest unlocking the device & getting a paygo account with a carrier in Europe. That way its easier & less costly on your end.

When i go traveling around Europe or even the states, i just unlock my device & use another carriers sim. This way Rogers can not charge you some big amount for nothing.
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Re: traveling to Europe



I am travelling to France in a month and will be spending a few days in Paris and then over a week in Provence. I'm considering getting the travel pack for $60 which will give me 40 minutes of talk/150 sent texts/40MB data. Rogers says that 40MB data approximates 40 maps, 800 emails or 160 web pages. I mostly want to use the phone to bring up maps and there might be a need for the odd phone call to our B&B or restaurant. I think this plan should be plenty.


What I'm wondering is, has anybody used such a plan and is it as straight forward as they make it sound? Are there any fees that will catch me off guard? Do I have to put my phone in a certain mode so I'm not racking up unknown charges? I realize if I go over my limits there are charges but I can track my usage. I'm just trying to decide if I'm better off with the Rogers plan or getting a France SIM card when I get there. My phone is already unlocked. Certainly there is a convenience factor of just buying this from Rogers rather than spending who knows how much time in a store in France understanding their plans and getting things working.


Thanks for any advice!



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Re: traveling to Europe

Other than overage charges if you do go over... there shouldnt be anything else more $ wise suprising.


Make sure, to put the plan on, a few days early if you can, JUST to make sure it is on there (call back in, etc to make sure they can see it on there).


If its a smartphone.. the BIGGEST issues.. is any sort of app.. game, etc.. could all try to do something while its on.. and use up data usage, etc.
All in all.. if you dont NEED to be available to say BE called, etc... would be to have it on airplane mode (turns off all cellular and data) until you need it, and then turn it on.




Updated Solution


Rogers has updated the current travel packs to the region of Europe as well as a $9.99 for 10MB a day  data rate. So if you would like to use your device in the Europe you can now purchase one of these travel packs. Please take a look at the link below, which also includes great rates for travel to other regions.

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Re: traveling to Europe

Thanks for the reply. The phone is a Samsung Galaxy S3 so I could check that other apps are not using resources. Good idea on getting it early to check that it's functional before going.



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Re: traveling to Europe

@kathyt64 - if you are planning to use navigation I suggest downloading maps beforehand right to your device... I think Google Maps has that function
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Re: traveling to Europe

Thanks for the tip on downloading maps beforehand. I'll look into that.



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