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trade up

Just wondering if I can still do the trade up deal even when I'm on a 2 year plan? I wanna trade phones and switch over to the new one



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Re: trade up

Hello @User533

Yes you can! When you trade in your devices, it will give u a certain money back or trade in money to get a new device if you upgrade your line to a new one
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Re: trade up

Hey @Meowmix


I have a question about the Trade Up program.


I am a business customer, ordered a new Samsung S8+ on its way via UPS.


If I get my new phone, set it up and want to take my Samsung S6 Edge in for trade, do they just credit my account without needing to be at a store to hand in my old phone and get a new one in store?


I've already looked it up for value on their site. Just take it with my quote and original packahing etc and they process the credit?



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Re: trade up

Hello @Bobzyurunkle

Most stores will only do a trade in when the upgrade or new purchase of a device is done via store only.. What I would suggest is calling the store and seeing if they can do it. Ask to speak to the store manager of the rep can not help and see what they say!