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not impressed

Iv been a client of rogers for 6 years and im shocked at myself for being a client this long. Im so fed up. One minute my bill is $54 and the next I get told to pay $600 where do they get that amount from. Rogers over charges for stuff, messes up bills and thinks people can pull money out of thier pockets. What a bad company im so ticked off. Super upset with this.



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Re: not impressed

Your bill should say what the charges are for, hardware, overages, etc

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Re: not impressed

Hello lucille24

On your invoice, it should say from what those charges came from. Did you do a hardware upgrade? That could affect it. Does the invoice say something about overcharge on voice or data?.

Yoiucan contact Rogers via calling them, Live Chat, Facebook or Twitter @RogersHelps and they can explain to you the charges and if u didn't make any of those charges, you can say that to them.
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Re: not impressed

I thought this forum is all about helping users with advice... lucille24 is just venting... what's the point of keeping this thread?
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Re: not impressed

People are allowed to express their frustration, Smartswine - It's our job as community members to guide them in the right direction. 


Lucille24, some of the forum members have asked some good questions. Can you perhaps clarify what you were charged for?

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