dissatisfied with Rogers

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dissatisfied with Rogers

I am writing this on behalf of my Parents who are seniors and have been customers for awhile

Long story short they wanted to upgrade to the new Ignite service which would have given them a better service for the same price they are paying now

The Only catch it would cost them $170 to do that .

I was very taken back at this fee when I was talking to the sales Rep who did offer a $50 discount bringing it down to a still whopping $120 big deal !!

Its hard to understand how a company can charge an existing customer an installation fee for a service that all ready comes into the home

I understand a tec has to Visit to hook up the boxes but a $170 is a bit extreme  !!

The sales Rep even talked to the Loyalty Dept who didn't do a thing to try to keep them as a customer

Great thanks for being a loyal Customer

All they asked for was for the fee to be cut in half  , did not even ask for it to be waived so unreal Rogers was unwilling to do this 

Very Bad Customer Service



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Re: dissatisfied with Rogers

@thehogans10 wrote:

I understand a tec has to Visit to hook up the boxes but a $170 is a bit extreme  !!

Many people have been able to negotiate a lower or even waived installation fee, so you may wish to try again, perhaps via a PM to the moderators on this forum...




Also, there's a lot more to an IgniteTV install than hooking up a few boxes. The Ignite platform is very different from digital cable and therefore requires:


1. Checking the signal at the various locations in terms of signal strength to the various boxes.

2. Installation of the boxes including the modem, TV boxes, etc

3. Making sure that Home Phone is working

4. Making sure that Internet is working.

5. Making sure that the WiFi signals to the various boxes are adequate.

6. Spending some time with the customer to ensure they understand how to operate the new remote/equipment.

7. Spending time discussing/teaching voice commands.

8. An installation can sometimes require a few hours to get right (for a good technician).

9. Lots more....

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Re: dissatisfied with Rogers

@57, yes takes time but then guess what Roger's has a monthly.paying customer. In theory make installation free or super cheap, and get more monthly paying customers thus making more money in the long term. And not gouging customers in the short term and most likely making less than they actually could
I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: dissatisfied with Rogers

I agree. The only thing holding me back from switching to Ignite is the install fee. $150 is a little steep when I could do the majority of the install (if not all) by myself. My account shows me as being a customer for 19 years.

I'll report back on how I make out after I discuss it with a customer service rep.