been charged for both account, can I have some kind of refund back?

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been charged for both account, can I have some kind of refund back?

So, I switched my wifi plan from personal to small business way back to December, which creates a separate account with small business. The problem I have now is I thought the personal account is stopped charging money after a setup call from rogers. I use two different cards to pay this separate account, somehow I convinced myself personal account only charge me when my small business account failed to collect money, like some kind of failsafe. Until today I go through the details of both bank account and found out, my personal account hasn't cancelled, and my small business account has always been successfully collecting money. 

is it possible to get some sort of refund back? and is it possible to have records of the phone call from rogers as well?


I know it sounds stupid, but now it's a 900 dollars worth problem I need to solve, sorry for the trouble.



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Re: been charged for both account, can I have some kind of refund back?

Good evening @wufufa,


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Sorry to hear about the billing issue causing you to be charged on two accounts. We certainly want to help you identify what actually happened. Did you activate a new account for the services at the same address for both personal and business accounts, or was it a different one?


If you had active services at two different locations, it is normal that two invoices are generated separately. However, to address your specific situation, it would be best if we could review your file and account.


If you would like us to provide you with further assistance, we'll need to discuss privately to obtain access to your account(s). Please send a private message to @CommunityHelps so we can get things going. If you are not familiar with our private messaging system, click here.