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I've been around

I am writing to express my deep disappointment and frustration regarding the unacceptable level of service I have experienced with my home internet connection provided by Rogers. As a resident in a condo building with a contractual agreement for internet services, I anticipate reliability and efficiency. Unfortunately, my recent encounter has been far from satisfactory.

Three days ago, my internet service abruptly ceased, causing significant disruption to both my personal and professional life. Upon contacting Rogers to address the issue, I was shocked to learn of an outstanding balance of $435 on my account, allegedly for unpaid bills. I have consistently ensured that all payments related to my internet service are made promptly.

In an attempt to resolve the matter, I contacted my building management, who confirmed that all contractual obligations with Rogers have been fulfilled and that there are no outstanding issues on their end. Therefore, it is puzzling why Rogers insists on holding my internet connection hostage due to an erroneous outstanding balance.

Despite my efforts to clarify the situation, Rogers refuses to reconnect my internet until the alleged amount is paid. I have initiated a fraud investigation with Rogers to determine the origin of this unjustified charge. However, in the interim, I am without essential internet services, severely impacting my daily life and work responsibilities.

I want to emphasize that I have met all financial obligations on my end and do not possess any other account with Rogers that could explain this discrepancy. It is incredibly frustrating to be repeatedly instructed to either pay a sum that is not rightfully mine or endure a lengthy waiting period of 30 days for a response from the investigation.

This level of customer service is unacceptable and does not align with the professionalism and integrity that customers expect and deserve. I urge you to rectify this situation immediately by reinstating my internet connection and promptly resolving the issue of the erroneous charge on my account.


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Re: account suspension


Good evening @mohammedkbt,


Welcome to the Community!


I understand how important an active Internet connection is. This is an odd one, do you manually make payments to your account?  Did you have more than one accounts at any time? Do the payments in the payment history tab on MyRogers align with the payments you've made to the Internet account?


While we may not be able to lift the suspension of the account, we can absolutely review the account balance and payment details to provide you with some clarity. Please send us a private message @CommunityHelps so we can assist you further.






Re: account suspension

I've been here awhile

Same experience since Monday and still no internet until today Saturday.


I never missed payment with Rogers. I found out Monday that my account was suspended and found out that I didn’t pay since I transferred to bulk ignite agreement in September 2023. Thought it was automatically taking payment from my account like my old one. I wasn’t aware of the reminder sent via email and no letter sent to my home address.


Even though I paid $113 Monday morning and follow up daily almost every hour but still no internet. I spoke to many agents, managers and supervisors. Transferred to different departments daily, customer care, tech support, management, credit operations and even spoke to the office of the president twice but still NO INTERNET, PHONE AND TV until now. It affects my job, wellbeing and personal life.


I work from home full time and had to upgrade data from Fido so I have enough for work and personal use. Everyday I feel like I have to start from the beginning, going in circle, tell same story issues, agents will escalate and create ticket, tell me to wait 24 hrs but still nothing. They keep telling me back end team is working on it. Wasted so much time and energy dealing with all of them. Call and transfer time takes longer and I get the same result end of the day.


How hard could it be to reinstate my connection. I already paid, what else they want from me. I paid for all these drama and stress! I am getting sick and getting a sore throat! Waiting for a miracle as of the moment. Very disappointing and frustrating. The WORST DAYS OF MY ENTIRE LIFE!! They’re not providing Canadian the best!

Re: account suspension

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@Betty10 wrote: 1. I never missed payment with Rogers.
.....found out that I didn’t pay since I transferred to bulk ignite agreement in September 2023.


2. How hard could it be to reinstate my connection. 

1. These two sentences are diametrically opposed statements.  This indicates the importance of checking your Rogers statements every month?


2. Depends on if you're up to date on all payments.  You may wish to send a PM to the mods on this forum. I have always found them most helpful and you won't get hoarse typing.  See the instructions below:


When logged into the forum, click on @CommunityHelps   .  On the page that comes up, you'll see a link on the top right of the screen to "send a message".  If you're using a tablet or phone, you may need to switch your browser to the desktop version. How to do that will depend on the device but a web search should find it.  There may be some back and forth required while Rogers get your personal information to look into your account.  Personal information is not allowed in this forum.  


When logged into the forum, check the envelope icon at the top right of the screen for messages.  You would usually also receive an e-mail that you have a PM, but it may have ended up in your spam folder...

Re: account suspension

I've been here awhile
Thanks for the response.

Any response/comment on paragraph 3 and 4 above.

For your Comment #1 - long story to tell but I get your point and fully aware of it.

For your Comment #2 - yes already paid

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