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Re: Zedd Customer Solutions


AND I've had my do not contact by telemarketing checked off already.  I checked. So why is Zedd still contacting me? I work in customer service and took courses in the new CRTC law that came into affect last year. They are not supposed to be contacting me. 

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Re: Zedd Customer Solutions

Here is the stated Rogers policy on marketing preferences.


What are marketing preferences?
Your relationship with Rogers Media permits us to contact you about our products and services, as well as those of our affiliates in the Rogers Group of Companies. But if you prefer otherwise, we provide clear and easy ways for you to tell us so. These are your personal marketing preferences.


My reading of this is that if we opt out that we opt out of Rogers Media contact and same from affiliates.


So this would appear to be a legitimate complaint if you have opted out (disregarding the fact that we can't do it on our own right now) and it has been taken off the profile, where current Rogers help docs tell us to go to, but we could also contact community helps, or Facebook message or twitter (I don't twitter), or call in, or chat.


Seems like a legitimate complaint to CRTC too based upon what was just said.  Could you refer us to a reference for that information.



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Re: Zedd Customer Solutions

Today we have all become jaded with telemarketers and automatically ignore them or hang up without listening to their spiels. They're all scammers and crooks! But about 7 years ago I got this call from a Rogers rep with an offer that sounded too good to be true. This lady with an accent was going to give me a free PVR for just the monthly digital fee because I was a "good long-time customer". I took her up on it and actually ended up with a Digital VIP package discounted to less that what I'd been paying at the time. The PVR was a SA8300SD  Rogers had discontinued. That was my introduction to digital cable.

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Re: Zedd Customer Solutions



From the CRTC DNCL web page





What can you do to reduce telemarketing calls that are exempt from the National DNCL Rules?


If you do not want to be called by a telemarketer making an exempt call, you can ask to be put on the telemarketer’s internal do not call list. Every Canadian telemarketer is required to maintain such a list and respect your wishes not to be called. However, people or organizations calling you solely for the purpose of market research or surveys are not required to keep their own internal do not call list for that type of call."


Rogers is required to maintain an internal do not call list, which is what I assumed the marketing preferences implemented.  If the marketing preferences are being ignored, you should still be able to call in and ask to be placed on their internal do not call list.  


I had a similar issue with Bell a few years ago.  It turned out that Bell was maintaining separate do not call lists for each division - cell phone, TV, internet, etc.  I had to complain to tbe Office of the President to get action to put me on all the telemarketing do not call lists.




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Re: Zedd Customer Solutions

Thanks for the clarification @roxandtreez  Nice to see you are still around, even if you have generally moved on.


Your insights and knowledge are great.


I am going to be disappearing for a while - getting too frustrated with all this and not good for my health - so to all those who know me, I toss the baton on for a while.



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Re: Zedd Customer Solutions

Well, Rogers has conveniently removed marketing permissions from our profiles after making all its recent changes. Does anyone know if they are available somewhere else?

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Re: Zedd Customer Solutions

@jimboden wrote:

Well, Rogers has conveniently removed marketing permissions from our profiles after making all its recent changes. Does anyone know if they are available somewhere else?

It's no longer in My Profile; not much is. But  it's still on my old Bill & Payments page that I use to access my cable  and PayGo accounts.





However, as I posted earlier, when I press Submit, I get an error,


"Error opening /portlets/common/myrogers/updatemarketingpermissions/updateMarketingPermissionsConfirmation.jsp.
The source of this error is:

javax.servlet.ServletException: java.lang.NullPointerException



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Re: Zedd Customer Solutions

This is crazy. "Express consent" can't be considered automatically opting us in and then basically hiding the ability to opt out.  This is something that should be prominent and clearly labled on the My Profile page. What is in practice now may be legal but it's extremely dishonest.

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Re: Zedd Customer Solutions

I have just received a cold call from ZEDD Customer Solutions 1 (855) 760 4841 telling  me that they were calling me on behalf of Rogers to review all my services.  Really?? 


I found this unsolicited call rather suspicious as I had just upgraded my phone and this call was received on a number that I don't give out to just anyone. It seems like my phone number information was provided to this company without my consent.  Or, is this a case of signing the Rogers phone documentation where there is some small print somewhere indicating that Rogers can provide my contact information to a third party? 


Perhaps I should have crossed out this part of the Terms of Service with Rogers as I would not have agreed to it if I had known.  There should really be a difference between Expressed Consent and Implied Consent to giving your Rogers information to third parties. 



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Re: Zedd Customer Solutions

Yeah, unfortunately, at least to a company like Zedd, they are able to pass on that information, according to the terms of use.



8. Your Privacy
a. What can Rogers do with my account information and personal information?

By entering into an Agreement, you expressly:
i. authorize Rogers to collect and use your current and historical personal location information associated with any device you use under your Agreement(s) in order to provide geo-location services to you, with the ability to opt-out of these services at any time.
ii. agree that your account information may be disclosed to other members of the Rogers Communications Inc. organization, and to our agents, authorized dealers and distributors to service your account, respond to your questions, telemarket (including by way of automatic dialing and announcing devices), and promote additional products and services offered by members of the Rogers Communications Inc. organization. If you do not wish to receive these offers or information, please contact us in any of the ways set out in Section 10(e) below.

So, Best way is to opt out of the marketing contact stuff.
I know you used to be able to do it via the webpage.. not so sure anymore.
Likely can call in and have them change the preferences on the account..?