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Re: Zedd Customer Solutions

It must be the time of year for telemarketers to call. I'm getting multiple calls every day from 877-633-1497 and 855-760-4841. My account marketing permissions are totally useless because I don't allow phone calls. Of course, it is possible that some of these calls are scams claiming to represent Rogers. I have several numbers blocked that supposedly are from Rogers or third parties representing them.

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Re: Zedd Customer Solutions

Just got a call from 1-855-760-4841 which came up as ROGERS WIRELESS on my call display. They said this is so-and-so calling on behalf of Rogers, I asked which company she worked for, she said "Zedd Customer Solutions" (very quickly) after repeating it a few times and spelling it she knew I worte it down. Suddenly "computer problems"caused her to end the call. I was recording this call and you can tell she was very uncomfortable telling me that she wasnt with Rogers. Even though I am fed up I would be happy to supply evidence of this and will save it in the off chance they ever read this.


I am so disappointed lately with my service, billing, and now this crap. I have been so loyal to rogers, have sent them many customers when I bragged about my great service and coverage (which has progressively gotten worse in the Okanagan over 2 years to the point my phone doesnt work at home anymore). I spend over $2000 a year on my cell phone bill with them plus a new device every 2 years and my tablet purchased through them - I even have a Rogers credit card.


I could even get a deal with Telus through work and havent. My contract is up in February and I will be leaving, and I promise to spread the word forever.


Edit: Rogers - I called you and told you all this on the phone, and said I was thinking of switching to Telus, your rep said "ok." Thats it. Great retention, I dont even want a deal!


I am in sales and the response has been a sad joke. I would be fired and humiliated for this level of customer attention.

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Re: Zedd Customer Solutions

Good evening @Gts4tw,


Thank you for your post.


I sincerely wanted to take the time to apologize for the level of service you have received from the marketing company that contacted you on our behalf. Zedd is indeed a third party company that places outgoing calls. However, these agents are not trained to offer the same service as our customer relations representatives. 


I would love to help you. We do value you as our customer and appreciate your business and loyalty.

I really wish to do a follow up on this and take the necessary measures regarding the events that occurred.

I sincerely want to rectify this ordeal and would love to take a look at your account.


Please send a Private Message to @CommunityHelps, whenever you are online. in that message, describe briefly what you are expecting from us, whether it is to see if a promotion is currently applicable to your account or if we could lower the costs of your services etc.


I look forward to your message,



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Re: Zedd Customer Solutions

Clearly this is an ongoing issue. Rogers is never going to stop selling our numbers to Zedd. They've been doing it for years.

I wish I had known before I locked into a stupid 2 year contract with myself and my son. Sigh.

And whenever they call, the call display states that the call is coming from the United States, so they get around the CRTC do not call rules. How convenient. 

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Re: Zedd Customer Solutions

They aren't "selling" the numbers to Zedd. That seems to be what everyone is missing.


The company is being contracted by Rogers to call specific customers and offer promotions to those customers. Believe it or not there are people who never call in, never ask for promotions, and just quietly pay their bil every month and enjoy their service. These customers generally get contacted asking if they want a new bundle. But that's just an example, as I don't know exactly how they determine who gets called and who doesn't.


Some great points were made earlier in the thread about what to say if you're absolutely not interested in what they have to offer or have to say. And don't be so quick to dismiss these third parties. Being a 3rd party employee who takes your calls in customer care, I'm just as knowledgable about this stuff as any internal employee.


At the end of the day, these are just people doing a job like the rest of us. I've done outbound calling and know it sucks. I mean it REALLY is a horrible job. They might be bothering you but they're given a dialer and told to talk to you. If you can be polite and just tell them you're not interested, you'll make their day easier and you won't get yourself flustered.



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Re: Zedd Customer Solutions

So here is the million dollar question. Would unchecking all the boxes in the now-hidden Marketting Permissions stop this spam?



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Re: Zedd Customer Solutions



Checking the boxes means "do not contact"; leaving them blank means "OK to contact".


I had mine set up to allow contact by e-mail and direct mail only.  It didn't make any difference as we received a telemarketing call from "Rogers" a couple of weeks ago.  My wife gave them an earful and hung up on them.

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Re: Zedd Customer Solutions

I think they expire after three years, but I know I have reset them a few times to none for everything.  The challenge though is that my family members will get messages on their phones, phone calls, and emails - they have never made it easy to set it on all of your communication forms.


And yes, the language and check boxes have always been a bit confusing.


They are currently soliciting my daughter to upgrade her phone due to her phone being off contract and paid for.  The crazy part is that she just replaced her phone, outright paid for less than a year ago in order to not change her existing contract conditions.  She called me and said, I guess it is ok now for me to go elsewhere - she has been waiting until the contract was done and the original "stolen" phone was paid for - and now she is researching where she is going.


That phone call kind of backfired on them.



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Re: Zedd Customer Solutions

Thanks for that link - I couldn't make any changes though - returned a giant error message for each of the 4 boxes on 4 tabs.


Looks like a JAVA applet error, most likely another one that won't run in Chrome.


And yes I tried other browsers, and no I didn't clear my cache or cookies.  I can at least see the information - it doesn't give me information on my other phone lines, and it has the wrong email address, as I changed it not that long ago on line - guess it doesn't push through to all contact boxes.



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Re: Zedd Customer Solutions

Update Marketing Permissions
We are currently experiencing problems accessing your account and therefore cannot complete your request at this time. We apologize for this inconvenience. Please try again later.


Yup, a lot of good that does. Smiley Sad

SA8300HD, SA8300SD, DTA50, LG-E410B PayGo. Location: S-W Ontario