Wrong device added to new plan

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Wrong device added to new plan

I added the data share option for a new tablet to my Share Everything + plan today. At the same time, I financed a new *space gray* iPad through Rogers which was expected to be delivered in 3-5 days. I just recevied an email from Rogers informing me that my new account has been activated; however, the included Device Financing Agreement states that a *silver* iPad is being financed. How do I stop shipment of the incorrect device?


Thanks for your help.


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Re: Wrong device added to new plan

Hello @DaveyDave2000,


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Unfortunately the shipment process cannot be stopped midway. You can decline the package at the door, once it gets back to the warehouse, all charges are credited back. You would have to re-order a space grey one. Did you order over the phone? 




I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Wrong device added to new plan

Thanks for responding. Yes, I did order over the phone. I've just spent time on both Live Chat and with a Live Agent and was told that I can't return the incorrect iPad to a Rogers store when it arrives, so I'll have to return it by mail. They suggested that I refuse delivery, but, if I do, I can't ensure that it is returned within 14 days. Therefore, I'll return it myself with a tracking number.


I'm not going to re-order another device because there seems to now be other problems associated with this order. The email I received from Rogers says the service is already active on my account even though the iPad hasn't shipped yet, there is a connection fee that I wasn't aware of, the taxes are more than quoted, and, inexplicably, my wireless price plan increased by $10.00 even though it wasn't supposed to change. As a result, I'm just going to pay out the remaining balances on my iPhones and port my numbers to another wireless carrier. I was previously happy with my monthly fees, but, with these changes, I have found a cheaper alternative that interests me.


Thanks again for your help.