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Wireless Temporary Suspension

I've Been Around

Can we suspend a cell phone that is not on contract and still keep the number




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Re: Wireless Temporary Suspension



I've decided to spend a year in my home country (outside of Canada) and would like to suspend my wireless service till the end of August, 2022.




Re: Wireless Temporary Suspension

Hello, @User2305959.


Thank you for joining our Community, and for posting your query regarding wireless service temporary suspension.


Hopefully, you had a chance to browse through this thread. We have discussed the eligibility, service fee during the suspension, etc. 


Please send us a private message at @CommunityHelps so we can process the suspension request. You can find details about our private messaging in this blog




Re: Wireless Temporary Suspension

I've Been Around

I've been working overseas 8 months out of the year since 2016. Every time I call in to suspend my service the fee increases. In 2019 I was paying $12.43 per month,  In 2020 I was paying $16.95 per month, and now for the current year they want to charge me $30 per month plus tax. I've been with Rogers for 10+ years and its ridiculous to pay this much for a service not in use, especially as a loyal customer. I will definitely be looking to switch providers once I can find a more cost effective approach. If anyone on this board can recommend other providers please do.

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