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Wireless Temporary Suspension

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Can we suspend a cell phone that is not on contract and still keep the number




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Re: Wireless Temporary Suspension

I've Been Around

Today I tried to suspend one of my lines with Rogers for 4 months while I'm outside Canada, but they said they now want $30/month + tax to suspend (over 350% increase from previous fee). Surely they aren't now charging $30/month for providing no service at all except holding the number?

Re: Wireless Temporary Suspension

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@p2pg : It looks like your post was moved to this existing thread on the topic.  See post 18 of this thread for price and limitations.  At least Rogers allow you to suspend and they will hold the pricing as well as the number.  You did, after all, enter into a contract saying that you would pay X/month and now you want to "pause" that contract.

Re: Wireless Temporary Suspension

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I was not under a term and disappointed with the temporary suspension charge for $30/month. No use of any services during the suspension period but have to pay $30 per month simply to keep the phone number and the plan when returned. Well . . . I, a long-time customer for more than 10 years with Rogers, had 2 lines with Rogers but finally moved one line to other provider last year. What will happen with the other line and when . . . ?  Well . . .    

Re: Wireless Temporary Suspension

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I'm disappointed as well, I'm suspending temporary and my bill came with 30$ plus, instead of saving money is the opposite, I'm not going to use the service, and I will have to pay more, I will change to another company when I will be back, why 30$ more ?? It is unfair!

Re: Wireless Temporary Suspension

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Phone Plan Temporary Suspension from Feb. 2021 to Sept. 2021


I will leave Canada in Jan.2021 and be back in Sept. 2021. I want to pause my phone plan from Feb. to Sept. 2021. My plan is post-paid.

When I was with Fido, the suspension fee was $7 a month. I just asked a Rogers CSR, he told me the price is $30 per month. I wonder if there is any cheap way I can do in order to keep my plan? I don't want to change my plan with other companies. I also have over $900 credits remaining at my Rogers account.

Do Rogers still have any policies for the COVID? or any discount?

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