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Wireless Temporary Suspension

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Can we suspend a cell phone that is not on contract and still keep the number




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Re: Wireless Temporary Suspension

I've Been Here Awhile
Correct, I was told this as well. Apparently the change was done sometime around May of this year. From 7 $ to 30$ is unbelievable.

I'm definitely disappointed with this change.

Re: Wireless Temporary Suspension

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$7 to $30 per month, Rogers is getting out of control with their rates, I wish we had more options in Canada for wireless providers

Re: Wireless Temporary Suspension

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30$ a month! WTH? I'm still on contract. Does losing all current plan rebates still applies after you re-activate your cell after suspensding it?  I was planning to suspend for 2 months. 

Re: Wireless Temporary Suspension

Hello, @Megatrong


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


If you are going to be away, being able to temporarily suspend your wireless line to preserve your plan and phone number is a great option.


Regrettably, if you are currently on a term you cannot suspend your wireless service unless you have paid off the remaining subsidy balance for your device. If you are not on a term then you can suspend your line and keep your same plan when the suspension period has ended.


I hope this helps!



Re: Wireless Temporary Suspension

I've Been Here Awhile
What amount does Rogers charge monthly during the temporary suspension period? Any change to existing monthly charge $7 plus tax? Thx Pablo
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