Wireless Temporary Suspension

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Wireless Temporary Suspension

Can we suspend a cell phone that is not on contract and still keep the number




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Re: Wireless Temporary Suspension

Good evening @Grwiebe,


Thank you for your post & Welcome to the Forums!


I totally understand your interest in a wireless suspension of your monthly charges, in the instance where you are temporarily leaving the country.

It is available for subscribers that are no longer under a term and that are going to be away for 5 to 12 months.


Here is what you should know about it:


You will need to contact us within 30 days from your requested suspension to get it added to your account.

You will be charged your suspension fee monthly. Your plan and services (with monthly service fees) will automatically be restored when the suspension is over.

  • While on the Rogers network:
    • All your features and services will be unavailable.
  • While outside the Rogers network:
    • You can still be charged a pay per use rate.
    • 911 emergency calls will be possible.
  • Your first invoice after the suspension will include:
    • The Monthly suspension fee
    • Any unbilled charges
    • A bill message explaining the temporary suspension with the number of months, and total cost for suspension duration.
  • You will normally receive a transaction email to confirm your suspension.
  • If you have device protection with your wireless device its monthly charge continues during the suspension period.

During your suspension, callers who are trying to reach you will hear a message that says you are unavailable (whether you have voicemail or not). 


Hope this helps!



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Re: Wireless Temporary Suspension

@Grwiebe wrote:

Can we suppend a cell phone that is not on contract and still keep the number

You do know that there are plans for your cell phone that work whether you are in the U.S. or in Canada. They advertise them for Canadian Snowbirds who often travel back and forth between Canada and the U.S.  As far as I know you don't have roaming charges, keep the same SIM card and the same telephone number. This would eliminate having to cancel or suspend one service each time you cross the border. Something you may want to consider.

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Re: Wireless Temporary Suspension

Good luck finding the Snowbird phone/data plan. I searched the entire website with no results.

So far what I have found about service suspension is;

If you suspend, you will still be charged full plan price ( believe it or not )

You will be charged $7 or $5 a month instead of your plan price.

You can only suspend for 4 months maximum

You may be double billed if you do.

But the worse part is that you may lose all your discounts and be billed at full rate when service is restored.

Cell phone plans change weekly and the information here range from 2015 to 2017, how trustworthy is this information...






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Re: Wireless Temporary Suspension

Just finish my chat with Rogers C/S


You may suspend service for up to 4 months for $7/month.

Upon service reintegration, you will lose all discount and will be billed at list price.


I don't know about you but suspending my services will cost me much more than if I do not suspend them unless you are paying full list price for your present service.

I'm on a "pay as you go" plan, I received a good offer from Rogers for a 2 year monthly plan but knowing what I know now, I can not accept their offer and will remain as "pay as you go" customer.  For snowbirds trying to save money, the roam like home plan is  a $90/month option that is way too costly.

So looks like Rogers as with most other cell. companies don't have snowbird options.

And that's the bottom line.


Would be nice to see from Rogers: 55+ snowbird package

  50min/calls, 50 text, 2 GB data monthly for $45/month US or Canada with no roaming fees.


suspension at $7/month and return to the previous rates after the suspension period.


I'd buy either of these 2 options.


Give me a call if you ever you decide to do it ; )

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Re: Wireless Temporary Suspension

Hey @sly3,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums.


Thanks a bunch for the feedback and providing updates to our fellow Community members :).  


We look forward to all your future contributions and insight.




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Re: Wireless Temporary Suspension

I went through the same discussion a few years back when my daughter went to the US on work placements for 4 months at a time - we looked at a vacation break, and like you learned, it was cheaper to leave it on as the new plans, and loss of important add-ons meant an increase that in 3 months would have wiped out the savings.


They want it all on their terms - you want to stay a customer, they charge you to put your line on hold, but don't hold your existing plan - kind of setting us up to consider other companies if they aren't careful.


So what are you paying the 7.00 for, to keep your phone number I guess?



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Re: Wireless Temporary Suspension

The worse part is that Rogers keep sending me great offers to bring me in as a regular monthly paying customer. I would love nothing better but I don't want to pay while in the US for 4 month out of the year and I'd lose my (offer) rate when I return, so no way I'm ever doing this unless they change their policies.

I don't phone, I don't text, all I use my phone for is Google Maps in Canada and the US,brief web searches and my grocery list on Google. In a year, I might use 10GB of data. Why pay $50-$70/month for that?

I have an unlocked phone, so for me sadly the best option is to remain "pay as you go"  for 8 months and get a US card for 4 months from another vendor. 

Even if that is not really a good option ( for Rogers or me ) , it is the least costly I have found so far for snowbirds.



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Re: Wireless Temporary Suspension

I just heard while live chatting with Rogers they changed temporary suspension fee to $30/month from $7/month. It seems they don't like providing temporary suspension service ... needless to say 🙂
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Re: Wireless Temporary Suspension

Yep just had a call with them, $30/month now and it has to start with next bill circle, should have called a month ago I guess...