Why can't Roger get me my Bills?

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Re: Why can't Roger get me my Bills?

 I should apologize  to   psderbyshire   for taking his/her thread on a tangent and to

Gdkitty   for taking exception to her response .  It wasn't misunderstood  from an information standpoint,  it was the interpreted  tone of the message  that came across as annoying  for me.  It's not the first time they have struck me the wrong way but the first and only time  I will say anything. Smiley Embarassed

Like I said before I have been on 1/2 dozen other boards and they were all far simpler to navigate  than this one. Things just to seem to follow in a more logical fashion  and instead  of pics  for things like PM they used the words ...either messages or private message for direction. Yet they still seem to offer  the same bells and whistles as the other boards.

Especially when the  people who you most want to help are coming here with what is likely an already established level of frustration over another issue, I would think clarity and simplicity of navigation would be quite important.


That sucks Old Yeller when they won't answer your emails ... I know I shut off most notifications so my mailbox doesn't get cluttered with a bunch of nonsense . Ohh , how would some fare if their telecommunicators  failed on a long term basis?. Smiley Very Happy



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Re: Why can't Roger get me my Bills?

That is the problem with TEXT... its very hard to interperate TONE in it, etc. 😞
One comma, grammer difference.. or even just from person to person, can read it completely different than another.
Other than a very few rare ocassions ( 😛 ) i try to never really write anything negative.

I will often post 'facts'.. details about the rules, laws, technical details, etc around the topic... more of a try to inform the user of the details, that they may not have been aware of.
Weither from our, a consumer standpoint, etc, they are right/wrong, etc... is another story... and I guess that from that, it could come across as "well these are the rules, to bad so sad" sort of thing 😞

I will endevor to try and keep and eye out when I write responses in the future.



I will agree.. there are many parts of the website which are not as good as they could be.. or compared to others.
I THINK part of it may be limited.. that the forum itself need to be compatable with their MYROGERS back end for the logins there.  So they may not have much choice other than Lithium?

For the Bill section.. i think thats mayb where many people are having issues.
I can understand what they are trying to do.. having gone through a year of work terms doing web development in the past (out of that now).. doing pages where you can have the basic overviews and break down deeper into details, etc.. makes for cleaner page and more detailed when you want it, etc... but it adds a TON of complex stuff to the site.... and therfore more to break 😞  My be the case here.

There is something to be said though.. for the case of BILLING, etc.. you primarily are there for DETAILS.
Just do it PLAIN, SIMPLE.. in / out no fuss no muss!

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Re: Why can't Roger get me my Bills?

@Gdkitty  This is your quote:

There is something to be said though.. for the case of BILLING, etc.. you primarily are there for DETAILS.
Just do it PLAIN, SIMPLE.. in / out no fuss no muss!


This is extremely well said. This has been my message from day one, but I could never have said this so well.


Your programming experience shows through on this one.  Keep web pages simple, and don't try to make them try to do too many things for too many people, all in one place. You are setting up a programming nightmare that is bound to fail, either in the programming itself, of on the useability and functionality for the user.


Thanks for your kind responses, and to my knowledge you generally, along with a few others that I have noticed do try to use common language, and avoid presenting the information.


Only point I will make though (it may not be from you, I can't keep track anymore). Yes, we as users need to be concious of the fact that the person on the other end has limited power and they are human, but we the consumer are human too, and personally my frustration level has been climbing to levels that are becoming uncontrollable and me personally, I unfortunately have a mental health disorder of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, along with major generalized anxiety disorder, so I get frustrated easily.  Employees took on the responsibility to work with customer service, which by definition often involves very frustrated, sometimes very angry people. They have the power to send it to a supervisor too, as we can request too. They are trained very well to deal with us and to be patient and generally do a very good job, but yes we too need to be reminded at times that we need to try to be as patient, and it is good to step back and take a deep breath, or to ask to speak to someone else.  On here, I understand that is probably the community helps people, on the phone, it is to open a ticket, a case, to speak to a supervisor, to follow the escalation process (which we can find by searching escalation rogers complaints), or you can make a compliment or report a concern or complaint via the my rogers link.


Now as I have been closing down my discussion and involvement in one thread at a time, I will say that I now need to clear my own head, take a break from it all, and move on, knowing that I have been heard, and that at some point, I will formally document this whole 5 weeks and sent it as a formalized complaint on the impact of implementation of new products on this one customer and see where it goes.


Thanks everyone else on the group for your patience, take a breath if you are still frustrated and enjoy a new week.



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Re: Why can't Roger get me my Bills?

Sorry if this is  a repeat of another post, but how can it be that I can't access my online bill/services (for up to a month!) just b because I've recently made changes to my account?  This doesn't seem that complicated to me, but when I tried to look at my billing detail, it said not available contact live chat.  I did this, and was told as a result of switching from my netbox2.0 to 3.0 after all the families PVR's programs were deleted my account couldn't be accessed!!!  I just wanted to check my account was correct?  Is this normal?  If so, this seems pretty ridiculous to me, in this day and age.  I've probably called tech support and live chatted about 10 times in the last week over navigatr and all the problems.

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Resident Expert
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Re: Why can't Roger get me my Bills?

Some MAJOR account changes.. could result in not being able to view some things on the website..

I know when i change my wifes cell plan 1/2 way through the month.. it didnt show all the details for her PHONE then only till the next bill.

Everything else was viewable.


At least in the past, a BOX change, shouldnt have effected viewing anything else on the billing pages..

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Re: Why can't Roger get me my Bills?

Well ladies and gents here is an update.


After rogers promised to send out my bills during July and August.  I just received the infamous bills today in the mail on September 23rd, 2015.  Wow.  Either Canada Post is having a hard time moving envelopes 100+ kms to my house from Mississauga, ON (listed on the envelopes) or Rogers has taken a VERY long time to resolve their billing issues.  I only asked for these months ago...


Now, back to online billing.  I just got an E-mail yesterday that my online bills are ready.  Wow, Wow.  Now I should have been able to see my June bill and onwards (the first bill Rogers could not provide) but because my cell phone account no longer exists I cannot.  I find it humerous getting an E-mail to view a bill that apparently is supposed to be available but when you go to see it, it is not there.


Next, last week I got a call from Rogers Business indicating that they would like to have my business back.  They provided an attractive price for calls, messaging, data etc.  Unfortunately it did not look good that it took me leaving them to drop my monthly rate by 1/3 and match Bell.  So, while Rogers had me as a customer without a contract....was I being gouged?  It would appear to have been so.  I declined the offer.


In conclusion, I believe none of the "BIG" cellular providers are very good administratively.  No matter which provider you choose they all have their downfalls.  Rogers for the moment will continue to NOT be my choice for Business services until I am fed up of the other "BIG" providers.  Perhaps I will rotate back in a decade or so.  In the meantime, I wish Rogers and more importantly their customers the best of luck in working together.



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Re: Why can't I get my rogers bill for Dec. 1?

I have been on the phone, for the past 4 days to try to get my Rogers bill for Dec. 1. I have spoken to multiple agents on the phone and Live Chat. I have also tweeted @RogersHelp. I also called and e-mailedDiane Budomo Advisor, Office off the President. ( No response) NO ONE knows why my bill has not been generated for Dec. 1. The ONLY one who helped me somewhat was @RogersHelp on twitter.

I do not understand why a customer of Rogers for several years, should have to beg for her bill and why no one can answer my simple question, Why has my Dec. 1 bill not been generated and posted on My Rogers.

So frustrating!

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Re: Why can't I get my rogers bill for Dec. 1?

Hi @teacher66


Thank you for posting on the Community Forums!


Are you able to view your December bill on your MyRogers profile?