Why am I not eligible for an upgrade?

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Why am I not eligible for an upgrade?

Hi, I am trying to upgrade my current device which is on a 2 year plan; it ends this September. There is currently $93.75 remaining to be paid off, and I am ready to do so right away in order to upgrade. However, when I attempt to upgrade online, it simply says "Not Eligible". Why is it not eligible? Do I have to wait until September?




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Re: Why am I not eligible for an upgrade?

Hello @Vishalnandal,


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An upgrade sounds great! Were you choosing the same Tab for the upgrade as your current price plan Tab? Based on what' you've explained it seems like you may be on an incompatible grandfathered price plan. Of course I would know more once I review your account.


Since Community is a public platform, I'd recommend you to reach out to us via PM @CommunityHelps and we'll be happy to assist you  🙂. For instructions on how to contact us via private message please click here.