What would you do after 21 years of loyalty with Rogers(Cantel At&T)

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Re: What would you do after 21 years of loyalty with Rogers(Cantel At&T)

The resolved thing, is an AUTOMATIC email sent out by the system.

I am not sure how/why they are not able to reach out... but the guys here were trying to provide you with a way to speak with them.
I have done it many times. 

They are only really able to do account related stuff via the @CommunityHelps one.. probably so its not locked under a specific users private messages and visible by all.  contacting them via there, they will send a thing, which will allow you to verify your account. Again, so your personal information isnt directly saved there.  And they can look into things.

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Re: What would you do after 21 years of loyalty with Rogers(Cantel At&T)

WOW JUST WOW........... I took the click bait after the post from GDKitty thinking you know what fine one last try maybe they will help me....... Thanks ROGERSZIA for absolutely confirming to me you guys don'tcare and just want to sluff it off to someone else(and if you really looked into anything you would see I did already have a conversation with a facebook rep who was just as useless as the help you provided). You could have at least offered to reach out on my behalf and have someone phone me, as you have responded to this post previously and clearly see that I am at the point I don't care anymore. Unreal you would do this though after trying to say you want to help me in the public forum and then completely blow me off in private..................
What part of Customer/Account support have you provided here? Why are these forums here if you cant do anything? Do you ask your supervisors to empower you to help people? Sorry now I am truly mad and venting. Just unbelievable. 
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Re: What would you do after 21 years of loyalty with Rogers(Cantel At&T)

Hello @Steven_Rue,


We understand your frustration regarding this matter but we really do not have the ability to assist you via the Community Forums as we only have the tools to assist with Consumer accounts and not Business accounts. The rules and regulations around Business accounts are different which is why we have dedicated Business Care Representatives that are equipped to assist you.


You can contact them by Clicking Here and selecting "Support for my Existing Service(s)". There are numerous options to speak to a Business Care Representative that are able to assist you.


I know that this may not be the answer you were hoping to hear but you'd really need to reach out to the Business Care team to assist you with anything related to a Business Account.


Thank you for your understanding.



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Re: What would you do after 21 years of loyalty with Rogers(Cantel At&T)

I was realizing rereading some of this thread that what is missing is the concept of "taking ownership of customer concern"


If you are unable to do it, you take ownership and contact the appropriate department or staff, communicate the issue and don't hand it off until they have confirmed and committed that they will follow-up to the first person who took the call.  And the first person contacts the customer to see if the issues were resolved.


This is as I said, "taking responsibility and accountability by having the authority that since you are the first face to the customer, that you take responsibility to resolve the issue to conclusion.


A company I had to follow up with is a fitness band attached to my phone, who not only cares about fitness, and providing advise on fitness through their apps, when we called to deal with an issue on an item, I had one single point of contact who dealt with it all and confirmed I was fully satisfied end to end.


Did the same for my wife and her product.  I advised the people involved that they went way and above what I have come to expect with large companies.


That is why I keep buying their products, even though there is no shortage of competition, why would I even think of looking elsewhere when they deal with every design flaw of their products by replacing them or discounting, then improving on the design.  That is how loyalty gets me to continue to come back and to recommend to others and defend them well, if someone has a bad experience - I tell them to give at another try, that their forums are full of satisfied resolutions from customers, and resolutions to questions.


Loyal is not just words, it is actions, and Rogers appears to be trying to move back there, but they didn't just drift from it, they sank the boat along the way, and now they are trying to raise it back to the surface, and then they have to try to turn it around, and we all know about trying to turn around a large ship.  It takes time, but will the customer wait long enough.


I agree, don't just provide us a number to call - take ownership, and contact that department and "ensure" they take ownership.  I don't fault the staff, although I have had some do it, but it is not the practice of Rogers these days - a department for wireless, billing, another for sales, tech and support to wireless, another for home products, can't get a manager or supervisor directly on the floor very often anymore - I am guess they are there for training and auditing, and the occasional support, but not to make decisions (in my experience), in a concern, you have to escalate, and you used to be able to ask for a manager, now they say go to report a concern, they send us to social media - hey, guess what, not everyone is experienced, using, or wants to interact business transactions on Facebook, Twitter, or even here with community helps.


People keep coming here for what they appear to think are chats, to find out - I suggest that it is that when you do a chat for support, or are waiting, they suggest we go here, they suggest the web site, etc.


So, I would suggest that there are too many different ways to do it, different policies, too many lower levels with no authoriites, and so forth.


Loyalty, like trust is easily earned, and lost easily and hard to earn back.




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Re: What would you do after 21 years of loyalty with Rogers(Cantel At&T)

Nothing posted was intended as click bait, etc.
Myself or any of the other RE's here, have NO association with rogers.  Dont work for rogers, dont get paid from them, etc.   We are just consumers/users, just like everyone else.
(we have just been around here long enough, and have a large range of knowledge on Rogers products).
I myself have had help from them via the chat on here multiple times.


These forums though, are designed primarily as a USER to USER forums, not a direct support forum from Rogers Reps.
Generally that is through calling, live chat, some of the social media outlets, etc.


I agree.. that companies SHOULD reach out more often... I am at the point where I dont ever believe it.  From any company.  Have had so many from utilities (gas, etc) to others.. and never hear anything... that I dont trust it.  
Sucks having to do the legwork... but if I went off not using companies that would never call me back?  I wouldnt have very many options left 😞


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Re: What would you do after 21 years of loyalty with Rogers(Cantel At&T)

I been with Rogers when they were Cantel ,
Have at one time 8 cell phones. They have been a great company and have treated my service with care and of course the loyalty Of the years I been with them . They have give me great terms arrangements That fit my needs in with I am grateful for . The last few months I have had
Some trouble with my billing and service but Rogers fix the problems and was very understanding to fix these issues.
So I believed its fixed case closed not so .
I paid my bill every month and it’s paid in time
99.9 % and the other .1% was do to date of payment was in error And that is over a period of 30 years or a bit less .
Anyways I was called by the office and was told I can’t speak to anyone now in customer service Or in Retentions , and its find with me no problem but when I have someone that being degrading , and I feel putting conditions Who and when I need to call and yes I can only call this person with any issues with my cell phones or Rogers Home security . I have a problem because if my home security is having problems I can’t wait till morning or the next day to get a call back to deal with issues of my home security ! I also canceled one of my cells and of course I was bombarded With email and texts asking why I cancelled and offers where being sent to me to don’t cancel they line but I wouldn’t be able to talk to anyone one of these people! Remember I am only able to speak to this one person. I ended up calling him this week because of a charge that I was wondering about and it was legit no problem! Case closed
I don’t feel good with dealing with this person
Because from the start he talked about how much they have lost with my accounts and I have called to many times to customer service .
I am sorry if I have a problem with my accounts
I need to get them resolved Like anyone would ! From the beginning of speaking with this person I feel he doesn’t care that if I stay with Rogers or leave because he has said this .
I asked if I can have and other person to deal with when I need to but this person said NO
I am the only person you can deal with .
If personalities Clash it’s always best to change
For it’s not good for both parties. It needs to be changed . I still want to stay with Rogers even that I have cancelled one of my lines . I still have 7 lines but I hope he is not trying to make me cancel more lines because it would be very sad to treat someone that has been loyal To a company for about 30 years !
I mentioned To this person when I called him about extra charge on my bill at the end of our Conversation I said that I Canceling one of my cell service
This person said “ That’s nice “
WOW 😮 I couldn’t believe what was just said to me ! He should stop and think 🤔 about how much I have given this company in they last 30 years ! I know if someone that clashes With someone in business they will change them it’s just common sense! If anyone in Rogers can be helpful To help me resolve This issue would be appreciate it ! I feel I am being harassed And being belittled For this person called me on my line line to tell me I am call to many times again? What can I do ? My home security Has been having problems and I called to cancel a cell phone ! He told me he will worn me 3 times
and I believe he will cancel my cell phone ?
I am so upset with this ! Stress Isn’t good for me
Because I have Colitis and I don’t need this happening!

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Re: What would you do after 21 years of loyalty with Rogers(Cantel At&T)

Hello @cvmweb,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


Thank you for all the details you've included in your post. We do not want you to feel that we don't appreciate your long time association with Rogers. If you still have concerns with your wireless or Smart Home Monitoring service please feel free to reach out to us via PM @CommunityHelps or contact us via Twitter @RogersHelps or on Facebook.com/Rogers. Our private messaging system is explained in this blog.






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Re: What would you do after 21 years of loyalty with Rogers(Cantel At&T)

Thanks and I have emailed
My concerns to
I'm not able to send an email but I've included the link below to the website so if you copy the link and paste it into a web browser it will bring up the site. - Kimberly

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Re: What would you do after 21 years of loyalty with Rogers(Cantel At&T)

Hello, @cvmweb.


Thank you for the update, if you have already emailed to us through 'Share a Concern' portal you shall hear back in one business day. 


We appreciate your patience!