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Waste of time

I've been around

Migrated from Shaw to Rogers and while switching all of my lines over I told the customer service rep, that I also need an Ipad with cellular, they didn't have the Ipad I wanted at the store so they instructed me to buy it elsewhere and come back to activate it. I followed their instructions and returned to the store, where the rep then said do it over the phone as they will charge a service fee of $60 if in the store. I called the service line and spoke to three different people including a "customer care manager" and I was told that I had to wait 30 days to add the Ipad to my account, and that there was nothing they could do, but submit a request to another department which would take days to process. After spending 2 hours with Rogers and trips to and from the Rogers Store and the Apple Store I still don't have my Ipad connected and spent over $1700 for a new Ipad that can't do what I need it to do. I'm currently waiting for a response from Rogers (its been 3 days) but I am disappointed in my initial service with them and will be looking for other service providers soon if they don't get their act together. My recommendation is to call their help line first and do not go by what their front-line staff say, there is a communication breakdown with Rogers that needs to be fixed that is costing their customers time and money.




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Re: Waste of time


Good evening @Jack2484,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


I can see what a challenging experience this has been for you. Just as an FYI, if you activate a new line online via self-serve there is no $60 set up service fee.


As for the delay in activating the line, did they tell you what was causing the delay? Was it because it's a fairly new account or some other reason?


Please let us know if you still need help with this.






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