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View daily data usage and texts

I've Been Around

Did Rogers remove the ability to view daily data usage? Also, are we still able to see a list of which numbers we've texted and called over the month? Can someone please walk me through how to view these, if they're still available? The new site is very confusing. 






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Re: View daily data usage and texts

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@barndoor, first of all, every time I log into Rogers I get a pop-up to choose either my cable account ot my cell phone account before I can proceed. This is stupid, because nothing changes either way.  Also, depending whether I go through Profile or not, I get different looking screens  for Account Overview, each with slightly different formats of my account number. The default screens I get without going through Profile just show the balance. When I go through Profile, the dropdown for my PayGo account is the actual phone number not the account number, and gives me my Calls Transaction list. These differences began a few months ago when Rogers sterted messing with the website.

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Re: View daily data usage and texts

I've Been Here Awhile

yes exactly the problem I'm having.  It's been a few months.  I have to call the 1-800# go through some voicemail options to find out how many msgs I have left.  Unless I want to count them all individually in my call history.

Re: View daily data usage and texts

I've Been Here Awhile

I can see my transaction history.  So If I want to count how many texts I have sent I can do it that way.  I want to see how may texts I have left, and how many I have used without going through a transaction list.  All I have under account info is name and address and number.  You used to be able to click there for data and sms usage and that disapeared months ago.  I don't have an unlimited sms plan, I want to keep track of my usage, so I don't have extra charges. 

Re: View daily data usage and texts

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For the past few days when attempting to check my wireless usage through the My Rogers admin page I get a error message when trying to check my usage "Sorry, we’re unable to retrieve your wireless service details at the moment. Please chat with a Care Representative for assistance." and  a error message in the iphone app, is Rogers working on correcting this ? Would like to be able to check my usage again!!

Re: View daily data usage and texts

I've Been Around

I agree with everyone who thinks that real-time data  and text usage is important.  I am suspicious that there is unintended or unauthorized use of my data plan, but I have no way to check to see when data is being used.


For me, seeing what time of day data is used is a BASIC security feature.


Other companies offer this.... will Rogers?

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