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View daily data usage and texts

I've Been Around

Did Rogers remove the ability to view daily data usage? Also, are we still able to see a list of which numbers we've texted and called over the month? Can someone please walk me through how to view these, if they're still available? The new site is very confusing. 






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Re: View daily data usage and texts

Good day @kbmagic,


At this time, we received information indicating that the issue would be resolved.


Can you confirm whether you have the ability to access the usage in question?


If it is not functional, can you try to update the MyRogers app or uninstall and reinstall it completely?


After performing these steps, if you still cannot access the usage details, it would be our pleasure to open a ticket.


Let us know!



Re: View daily data usage and texts

I've Been Around

I am also trying to check my data useage to date, however, it cannot be done---when I check in My Account for my data useage (cannot get it on my phone) it says the info is unavailable.  I chatted online to a customer rep who told me when the website changed, a lot of people cannot access this info, along with My 5, My 10 and upgrade info.  NOT GOOD SERVICE ROGERS!   I think this has been going on for awhile---cannot even find a place to complain about it and I just signed on for another two years!

Re: View daily data usage and texts

I've Been Here Awhile

what about being able to view data with Pay as you Go.  I have a small texting plan and want to monitor my usage. Ca no longer view how many messages I have left on my rogers account.  Have to call and go through voice mail options to find out.

Re: View daily data usage and texts

I'm a Senior Advisor

@celluser, I just have the basic PayGo plan. I can see my transaction history by logging into My Rogers, then click Profile, then Bills & Payments, then choose my cell phone number from the dropdown box in Account Information.

Rogers PayGo. Location: S-W Ontario

Re: View daily data usage and texts

I'm a Trusted Contributor

Cool Old Yeller ... I got there on the fourth try.A couple times it wouldn't let me through and only solution seemed to be go out and sign in again   


How do you rate having your phone number in the account drop down box?  Ours has the account number so if you have more than one and don't recognize the right one I had to go start over again. 

I tried following the phone number from the previous page but it switched when it changed to the detail page and had to go to the account  box anyway.


This place sems to be a bit of a challenge ... kind of like doing a crossword puzzle .... if I had to waste this much time sorting through things with other people I do business with I think   I'd be looking for a bunch of alternatives but as it is it's just become some sort of strange game ... a maze if you will .    Smiley LOL




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