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View daily data usage and texts

I've Been Around

Did Rogers remove the ability to view daily data usage? Also, are we still able to see a list of which numbers we've texted and called over the month? Can someone please walk me through how to view these, if they're still available? The new site is very confusing. 






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Re: View daily data usage and texts

I Plan to Stick Around
Your tip doesn't help. I know I can find individual data usage on a bill. That doesn't help me mid month when I'm trying to monitor each persons usage. I give one teen a certain monthly data allowance and the other a different amount. Used to be able to check their totals every day. Now it just shows our total as a group. That's all the app was good for and now that feature is gone. Is it coming back??? I see lots of people are saying the same thing.

Re: View daily data usage and texts

Good day @kbmagic,


Thank you for your post!


I understand the inconveniences of this situation and I definitely want to help you figure out how you can keep track of your usage in real time because that is not a feature that we removed.


  • Do you have access to the MyRogers app on your phone?

If you do, it is ideal because it is the easiest way view it quickly. Simply click on the drop down menu (top left corner). You will then see each of your phone numbers under WIRELESS SERVICES. Click on the phone number you wish to view the usage for and then, under Usage, select Data. You will have access to the usage made by that particular line, the usage of the other lines, the total usage as well as what is remaining.


  • Do you normally track your usage from our website?

Not a problem! You will have to log into MyRogers, and click on the SERVICES tab. Then select the phone number you wish to view the usage for in the drop down menu (1). Again, you will be able to see how much data was used and what is left (2).

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Hope this helps!



Re: View daily data usage and texts

I Plan to Stick Around
Have you checked recently? That feature is not there. If u check each number, they all say the same usage now. I called Rogers and was told it was removed. Used to say....
Total Included
Your usage
Others usage
Total used. Now it just says total used which is by everyone in the plan. Sadly

Re: View daily data usage and texts

I Plan to Stick Around
Btw same goes for the website.

Re: View daily data usage and texts

Hello again @kbmagic,


We understand how frustrating this must be. Smiley Sad


I have tried it again on my end and was able to view the usage in real time from MyRogers on our website, as well as on the MyRogers app. See below :


            MyRogers on                                 From the MyRogers Application


Sans titre.pngSans titre.gif


I have taken these "screenshots" from my personal account, in the last minutes.


Please note : In order to view the details of your data usage on our website, you have to click on the DATA "circle", under My Wireless Usage.


I do apologize if you are unable to view the details of the usage, the way you should be able to see them.

It would be our pleasure to look into this further. Please let us know if you need assistance.

A member of our @CommunityHelps team will reach out to you via Private Message.



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