Upgrading phone with corporative discount

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Upgrading phone with corporative discount



I want to upgrade my phone online. I currently  have a monthly plan of $67 less a corporative discount of 30% and with the new phone I will pay $85 monthly. I am being offered a one time $200 credit.


My question is if all the upgrade offer includes my corporative discount of 30%, so I will be paying $85 less 30%.




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Re: Upgrading phone with corporative discount

Good evening @bhbvvhvj,


Thank you for your post and Welcome to the Forums! We certainly do value your loyalty and are happy to see you are looking into renewing your contract for a new device.


Device pricing for hardware upgrades is based on your price plan category. If you have a higher category, you may be eligible for a higher subsidy on certain devices than customers in a lower category. That being said, it's not necessarily impacted or impacting your corporate discount. This should have been discussed with the agent who made you the offer. Some of the plans are eligible for a 10% discount instead of a 30% discount simply because of their eligibility.


Please reach out to us via private message @CommunityHelps, if you would like us to take another look to your account to validate the offer made to you. Click here for the instructions on how to do so. Thanks!