Upgrading lies and switching carriers!

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Upgrading lies and switching carriers!

Has anybody else dealt with this situation and have advice? When we signed up with Rogers years ago the guy at the store was in such a hurry that he incorrectly entered our address. The street name should have started with a B but he put D. My fiancee and I have been wanting to upgrade so before I went to upgrade last night I changed my address to the correct address so they would ship the phone to the right address. Big mistake. It locked me out of being able to upgrade for 30 days. After some back and forth with a live chat agent, they told me to go into the local store to do the upgrade and they would waive the $35 activation fee. So I go in.

The manager (great manager BTW and was so apologetic for the miscommunication as she said it happens far too often and customers often get angry at her) at the store tells me they can't waive anything and not only that, they wanted $210/each phone to upgrade to the Pixel 3XL even though online it said our upgrade price for keeping our plan would be $80. She recommended I call Roger's back and have them note my account with that deal so they can honor it. I told her I knew it wasn't her fault because she was apologizing profusely for the miscommunication. I phone the retentions department and the lady assures me she will note my account that we get them for $0 on the upgrade. She can't upgrade my phone through her end since the address change locks her out too. Great, so I go back into the store, wait nearly 45 minutes for the only employee in the store to help me.

She pulls up my account again and sees the note, however tells me since they are an authorized dealer and not a corporate store I would have to pay $210/per phone and that Rogers would credit me back that $420 for two phones on my bill. She said she can't let me walk out with two phones for $0 although the lady I spoke to in retentions said it would be $0. It seemed strange so I phoned Rogers back and after speaking with a lady for over 1 hour she tells me that I was given false information in the store and that they wouldn't have been able to credit me back if I had done that in store. Glad I didn't pay in store as the store employee told me to! After that, she looks into further pricing and undermines what the lady in retentions told me 1.5 hours ago and says I would have to pay $210 for each device and I can't keep my plan, I have to change my $80/month plan to the $115/plan, plus extra for the new Edge Financing if I wanted the phone for $0. She claims the lady in retentions didn't know what she was doing and gave me false information. AGAIN (are you seeing all this miscommunication between Rogers employees yet?) Not only that, the 2nd lady I spoke to didn't even know what she was talking about, several times she was looking at her screen and said "hmm.. I'm confused". If you're confused and don't know your own companies plans you should invest in becoming more knowledgeable about what you are offering to your customers!

I am SO frustrated. It seems every time I go into Rogers to upgrade a phone I get a huge run around and there is so much misinformation and lack of communication.

Bell is offering the 3XL for $0 and said they would honor my $80/month plan to switch. Has anybody gone from Rogers to Bell and been happy? I'm really thinking about switching after spending 4 hours of my Saturday getting the run around!

We're looking to resign TWO phones, I thought we would be treated better than this!
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Re: Upgrading lies and switching carriers!

Its a shame this had to happen.
Good to know about the lockout for other users though, if they are planning to upgrade.

Unfortunately, this isnt the first time that I have seen/heard this, discrepancies between the stores and online.
Sometimes, only one has access to one thing and not the other.
And like you experienced, with a non corporate store, there can be even more sometimes.

Unfortunately, this can also be the case with BELL.   Happened to me, mind you this was like 10+ years ago, but same sort of thing.. promised one thing on the phone, which the smaller non corporate store could not do.

If you do happen to switch, I would recommend going specifically to a corporate bell store, just to be sure/safest.

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Re: Upgrading lies and switching carriers!

Good morning @DirtWest! Welcome to our Community.


I can absolutely understand your frustrations in this case. Promises were made but not kept.


We do strive to honour our promises so let me try to make it right for you. Please PM us so we can escalate your concern to the next level.


If you're not familiar with our PMing process, you can find instructions here.