Upgrade with Upfront Edge but keep current plan?

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Upgrade with Upfront Edge but keep current plan?

Is it possible to upgrade a phone, but keep your current plan?


My partner and I are both on a Talk & Text w/2GB (No Tab) plan. Unlimited Canada-wide voice and text, call display, VM, 2500 call forwarding minutes, conference call and call waiting (we never actually use these last three). We each pay $50.85 incl. tax. We are almost never near the data limit.


On the 10GB Infinite plan, we would pay $75 + $65  + tx per mo. so we’re up to around $80/mo. each. That’s an extra $1,440 over two years.




Ok, I just logged into my account.

I can toggle between "Financing" and "No Tab".

For a 64GB iPhone 11 Pro, the Upfront Edge cost is $40.20/mo. ($58.95/mo. financing). If I toggle to "No Tab" all the financing options go away and it just says "$1,415 - No Term."

So it looks like the answer is no.


In the long run, still seems less expensive to purchase the phone outright.



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Re: Upgrade with Upfront Edge but keep current plan?

Hello @Bokehman,


Thanks for posting and we appreciate the update! 👍


Regretfully, you are spot on--if you are planning on upgrading any of your lines on our financing option with (or without) the Upfront Edge program, you are required to do a price plan change to one of our in-market Infinite plans. I'm afraid our older plans (Share Everything, Edge 20/30/40, etc.) will not be eligible. 


Thank you,