Upgrade Phone But Avoid Changing Plans?

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Re: Upgrade Phone But Avoid Changing Plans?

I have had this plan for several years now and am just about due for an upgrade, was wondering if this will still be honoured? Or will rogers turn and say the new phone im getting this plan is no longer offered! This is something that they would do, And then its service provider shopping we go.


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Re: Upgrade Phone But Avoid Changing Plans?

Hi @miketyler


Are you referring to upgrading to a wireless phone? If so what type of phone are you looking to get?


Based on the phone you’re looking to get, the upgrade pricing for the device will be based on your plan. You can either go with going on:


1) Share Everything plan or 


2) Smart Pick migration plan or


3) Keep your existing plan that’s $60 or higher.


Let us know if we can further assist with upgrading your device! Smiley Happy



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Re: Upgrade Phone But Avoid Changing Plans?

Yes, I was wanting to upgrade my mobile to an Lg G4 or Sony Z3 and was wondering if my 6 Gig plan will still be available? Or will it no longer be available?

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Re: Upgrade Phone But Avoid Changing Plans?


If you’re looking at keeping your 6 gig data add on, your voice and data would need to be $60 dollars or higher combined, in order to be eligible to upgrade on the Smart Picks pricing for the devices you're looking at.


Although the phones that you're interested in are Smartphones, the pricing would be Smart Picks pricing if you're looking to keep your exsisting plan.






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Re: Upgrade Phone But Avoid Changing Plans?

Another insight on getting new phones without changing your plans.  You buy it outright, and you can stay on the same plan. But a caveat when doing this.  If you have add-ons, be very careful that they don't try to upsell you on the newest and new wonderful add-on plan.  Check comparison of feature line by line on your basic plan and the addon plans, check if you have discounts in place with any of your add-ons (as chosing to change the addon may eliminate the discount).


We just experience this week going through a replacement of a stolen phone. I did the work on the phone and at the store, and learned that I could buy a replacement phone for her outright and have no changes in our plans, services, and add-ons, or discounts in place. The current plan duration related to the original incentive remained in place, which is only 4 more months, so 75.00 on the stolen phone currently.  As we have not touched the plan, or cancelled, or anything, haven't take an economic inducement, the plan stays active, the purchased outright phone is then activated and an activation fee of 20.00 occurs.  Kind of like bringing in a unlocked phone, or you have picked up a locked phone from someone, locked to Rogers.  Since she had lost the card, she had to reactivate the new SIM. When you still have the SIM, as long as it is compatable with the next phone, you just pull it from one and stick in the other.  Voila, new phone in place, no changes to plans.


Now the catcher is, that my daughter called in with my wife's phone to activate her new card, they then did a real sales job, inspite of the fact that I had 5 notes on file, and a new contract invoice showing the plan and addon's remaining the same. I am guessing he did not even bother to look at the old plan.  He proceed to try and sell her to the new five dollar add on, purchased with a device protection plan of 8.00. He says, better deal, save 2.00. I am still checking out to find out if the ;

8.00 discount is still in place, but I would not be surprised if it is gone, given that when I changed my addons in the past. 

I am finding out the implications of this change and have put an online request for a concern to contact me on this. I am only posting, since this is similiar to the question about upgrading without changing plans.  Be careful to make sure that you say, plans, addon, and full service comparisons, and discounts when they try to do the very slick upselling. Why do I say slick, because I had been through it when I was setting this whole thing up.  I unfortunately was not present when my daughter called to activate, but she did know from past experience to ask, will this change impact my services and features that are currently in place.  He said no, and even said that she would have MMS to the states which is not true. It is text (SMS) only to the states.


So here is what I learned happened when she agreed with the confirmation from the rep that there would be no changes in services.  First, the plan does not have Canada wide calling - why - because that is in almost all new plans, but I kind of wonder if the rep actually looked at our service plans before he said nothing would change.  I get a gut feeling that he really has no idea what a grandfathered plan is all about and his head is in the new models only.  But it is easy to check, all he had to do was call up the current plans and services, when she asked.  I know from past experience to do this line by line comparison together, and to have him put clearly in writing that each of the existing services will remain in place at no cost.


So what else changed - The new addon has name display, but does not include caller id which is required to make name display work.  It is not in the new addon does not include caller id because it is included with the new plans.  I learned all this with the tech department.


Here are the two comparisons for people to see

Your services include:
*Shared Talk & Text Plan
- 300 Shared Weekday Minutes
- Unlimited 6pm Eve/Wknd Min
- Unlimited Sent & Received
Messages Text, Picture & Video
- 2500 Call Forwarding Mins
- Conference Calling
- Call Waiting
*Value Pack w/ LD & Vvmail
- Call Display with Name Display
- Canada-wide Calling
- Visual Voicemail Plus
-Unlimited Sent & Received US
& International Text Messages
- WhoCalled
This Value Pack saves you
$20.80/mth vs. individual
pricing at time of subscription.


The new one includes:


  • Premium Voicemail-To-Text1 & 35 voice messages2
  • U.S. & International Preferred Rate3
  • Unlimited U.S. & International Text Messages4
  • Name Display5
  • WhoCalled™

So lost in this change - Canada wide, Name display because we don't have call display (ID), which turned out to be 5.00 to add on. 

Added Premium Voicemail to Text & and 35 voice messages.  Already had all this except for 35 messages (don't need it), along with visual voice mail.


So after numerous phone calls, learned that they could not put the old one back - no turning back, because it is not available in their system anymore - Worked at a higher level and they gave me 2 year rebate to cover the 5.00.


I have a request for them to follow - up with me to clarify the full impact of the changes now that I know what they all are.  Basically I will be pushing to put them back, whatever way they can do it, even if needs to be by back office, as the rep said, it would not impact or remove any of our existing services.  So he convinced her to put on protection (8.00) and the 5.00 add on - 2.00 saving and "better", but in actually, not better for us the user.


So the message is becareful when they say, we have a new option that will be much better for you at a cheaper cost - in particular if you are on plans and addons that you have carefully negotiated to meet your needs perfectly at a good rate because you happened to get the services at just the right time, and it is now grandfathered - as long as you don't make changes to it.


So in summary, yes you can get a new phone with no changes to your existing service plans and add-ons and discounts that you have been offered, but be very careful to not get caught in the "we have something new that is so much better than what you have at a cheaper cost"  Unless you make them do the line by line comparison, you may be in for a big surprise.


I await a response from my online request - why online concern reporting to them to call back - because the systems are not available this evening (Sat at 9:35) and not back until tomorrow afternoon due to "scheduled maintenance".  I asked, why they couldn't have put that information on their web site, on my rogers when we log in, and on the phone message when you call in.  She said they don't usually do that, I suggested that it would not be a great technical task - how do I know - I have worked with automated switchboard systems, and know that all it takes is one person to be directed to log in and put the message first - they do it all the time when networks are down, wait times are high, etc.  She will pass it on to supervisor.


So, hope I get satisfaction in fixing this mistake in our activation of the plan.  I have had them put an alert on my account to state the following:  Do not ask to review services, to offer new services, or suggest changes to service unless the customer asks you to.  This is in response to them selling a new package when all my daughter called in for was to activate her new sim card to the phone number. Is it too much to ask to just do what the customer and leave it with the standard question, is there anything else I can do for you today, and don't try to tell me about new things.  If I want it I will ask.  It feels like the burger shops, and would you like fries and a dessert with that, and would you like to supersize it. 


I hope that this is the last time I am going to be coming to these boards with issues, and warnings, education, clarification to others of my negative experience.  I am at the verge of a nervous breakdown, I am so tired of everything that has gone on.


But life goes on.  But when my terms on everything run out, I am seriously for the first time in 22 years considering looking for alternatives to all of my roger's services. And all because of so many things that have gone wrong in such a short period of time.  I know my daughters both of them, have already indicated that once they move away from home and are living on their own money that they are looking for other companies.  They have watched me go through this stuff, and both of them have experienced themselves.  What a way to not only put a 22 year customer at risk, but also ensure that young adults who have grown up with Rogers, and for ease, would probably just port out their part of the contracts, or negotiate their own, will be seriously considering not staying.


Just the rants of a customer who has put up with way too much for any customer, 1 year or 22 to put up with.




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Re: Upgrade Phone But Avoid Changing Plans?

In response to Roger's Prasana, if you decide to pay the phone upright, there will be no changes in your plan, only if you take an incentive will you be forced into changes of your plans.
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Re: Upgrade Phone But Avoid Changing Plans?

A  sincere good luck with that BS ..    Smiley Wink


And that is only for phones ? With that list it seems like there  should  be TV , home security and a free credit  card in the deal. 



Now BS ..I was checking out the reason for Rogers bringin the new credit card on line... a spokesperson said it was to gain advantage over the competition in a very competitive market.  So maybe you need to be applying for one of those babies so you can get the free rewards that you have paid for by sticking by them for the last 22 years.... seems the only way you're going to get it without a battle 


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Re: Upgrade Phone But Avoid Changing Plans?

Thanks @barndoor  Wink wink to you too.  I am a fighter, and persistent as all get out. I will keep pushing on it.  Haven't made it to the manger level yet because they were on hold too long and even their supervisory level at retentions wasn't willing to wait.  Waiting to see if response from E-concerns.  Will wait a while before I contact them.


To add to the issues, my daughter finally got her phone almost fully working.  She did not have MMS.  Spoke with chat tech support - there was a "parental" block on data, dated the day I reported the stolen phone.  Guess that was the only way they could block the data, even though the phone number and text was blocked.  When she activated her phone, the guy didn't check to see that her settings were all set up properly, and last week, when I had them remove the block on the phone number so she could use her one number, they never unblocked data, and never mentioned that it needed to be done.


Miscommunication galore.  Oh well, just adds to the list of everything that has gone wrong with my services in the last month. Online billing, billing details for talk details (still want to call it phone details - do we have to keep changing the names of every thing - did anybody know that their reps don't know what NFC is - Rogers calls it suretap - give me a break, can't we just call it by its true protocal name - also learned recently that if they say "text" in a package, that is only SMS, and only when they say, SMS and MMS, does it include ability to send pictures - suspect that is how the rep got confused on the old package and new package - guess he thought that because it said text to us and internation, that it was pictures too - nope, but shouldn't he know that - same thing she now has on the new plan - text to use only, not MMS), back to the list, One number problems on Chrome - I solved that one, not Rogers support, One number officially not working on Windows 10, as has been stated in the Chrome post on NNAPI way back from 2 years ago and from Microsoft six months to a year ago;  The nextbox Navigatr - the rep on the phone yesterday was not to thrilled that the box has been nicknamed navigarberator - she didn't know what a garberator was - I told her basically a navigator that has an additional function of grinding and disposing of our recordings - she was somewhat shocked, but not surprised), and then all the stuff with the lost phone.  No wonder I lost my temper yesterday with the first rep. Just a very angry tone, and said, just push me to retentions please when the first rep said, nothing could be done.  


So maybe, just maybe, hope, hope, hope, the e-concern will call me back, and we will get this all resolved satisfactorily.  If not, I will be advising them to have president's office call me (which I have always had success with - they are generally quite creative at fixing things or coming up with a real reasonable solution).  If not, then it is to Ombudsman, or then up to the CRTC committe that looks over all the companies. Hey, I haven't been up that far yet. Hope I don't have to get there. Kind of tired of telling my story.  Had a good nights sleep last night, and I am actually keeping a sense of humour about all of this.  My wife's opinion, is that they deliberately try to sell these new addons to us old people, because it removes other services and will ultimately force us to the shared expensive plans.


Won't be getting Mastercard. I am not a rewards earner. My bundled 12% discount still exists and in the notes, it gets applied back once my package on home services comes into play (see when that one comes), and it is a better deal.


Have a good night, and thanks for the support.

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Re: Upgrade Phone But Avoid Changing Plans?

I've been a rogers customer for 12 years now, my 2 year term is over in a month or two, I would like to upgrade to a new phone and still keep my old plan. I just found out that i cant upgrade to a phone with the extension of another 2 year term without the SHARE EVERYTHING plan...anyway I could get the phone for the price it is with the 2 year term?



the note 5 is 359.99 with a 2 year term WITH share everything plan


i remember before they never had this such share everything plan that i could get any phone i wanted with a 2 or 3 year term SINGLE plan....i live by myself so i have no need to have a share everything plan...


any suggestions or help please?

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Re: Upgrade Phone But Avoid Changing Plans?

Good evening @bdbui,


Thank you for your post and Welcome to the Forums! 


The Monthly Plan Requirement for Premium Smartphones upgrades is the following :


If you consider upgrading to a Premium Smartphone device, you must be on an eligible Share Everything plan, in order to be eligible for a subsidy on a two year term renewal.


If you are currently not on an eligible Share Everything plan you can either :


  • Purchase a Premium Smartphone without subsidy (ie. at full price)
  • Upgrade to a subsidized Smart Picks or Talk and Text device, depending on your current price plan category 
  • Upgrade to one of the select Premium Smartphone models that are eligible for a Smart Picks subsidy (applies only to legacy plans with a combined voice and data MSF of $60 or higher).


Don't forget that you can redeem Rogers First Rewards points towards your subsidized hardware upgrade to further reduce the cost of your device! Smiley Wink


Hope this helps!