Upgrade Phone But Avoid Changing Plans?

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Re: Upgrade Phone But Avoid Changing Plans?

Hello @edigiuseppe,


Welcome to the Community and great first post! 🙂


The last thing we want is for you to think that we don't care for our customers and their needs. Your satisfaction is very important to us! We do our best to provide offers and promotions that are in line with today's market while remaining at the forefront of innovative products and services. 


Please bear in mind that offers and promotions come and go often, but we try to provide the best possible solutions to our customers depending on what is available to us at that given time. We are sorry if you felt disappointed with what was presented. 😞


If you are currently looking to upgrade to a new phone for any of your wireless lines, we'd love to discuss some options with you. There are some phones that are available at a $0 upfront cost, but of course, that will depend on which Tab you take and which phone model you select. Feel free to click HERE to review the available phone options and you can scroll through the different Tab types to see the costs. As an example, I'm showing that the iPhone 8 64GB is currently being offered for $0 down on a Premium Tab. 


To send us a Private Message @CommunityHelps, please CLICK HERE for the instructions. 


Thank you for sharing your experience with the Community. Thirty years is a very long time to remain with a company and this type of loyalty does not go unnoticed! We hope we can find you a workable solution and keep you as our valued customer. 😊


Kind regards,


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Re: Upgrade Phone But Avoid Changing Plans?

Upgrade device XR to iPhone Pro Max


Hello, hoping someone here can help. I just got the IPhone XR with the Edge 20 tab (Black Friday deal at Walmart yesterday $33.75 for phone + $26.25 for Edge 20 tab total = $60 and I would like to upgrade in like 6 months time to an IPhone 11 Pro Max.

My question is this, when I upgrade will I be able to keep my current Edge 20 tab at the same amount? Will I need to pay off my current phone and start a new contract with the new phone? Or can I just return the iPhone XR to Rogers and upgrade to the new iPhone Pro max? Of course I know the the monthly phone amount will increase as it’s a more expensive phone than the XR, but I’m hoping only the monthly phone amount increases but the plan amount stays the same . I’m on a 24months agreement. Thanks.

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Re: Upgrade Phone But Avoid Changing Plans?

Hello, @DeeGee


Welcome to Rogers Community Forums! 😀


Thank you for your query, and congratulations on your Black Friday deal!


You may need to upgrade to one of our Rogers Infinite plans to get the lowest upfront cost on your new device. The device balance paid in full before the upgrade, and you will have the option of trading in your old device for a credit towards a new one. 


I recommend reaching out to us before upgrading so we can go through all the possibilities to get the device at the best price and plan.