Upgrade Phone But Avoid Changing Plans?

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Upgrade Phone But Avoid Changing Plans?

BS, you've highlighted a really important point that I don't think a lot of customers fully understand, now that Rogers has introduced the Premium Tab / Smart Tab / No Tab into its plan pricing. Before this change, device subsidies were actual subsidies (ie. you got a discount on the phone, in exchange for being locked into a contract for 2 years).


These days, subsidies aren't really subsidies. You get a $500 discount on the phone, but you pay $20/month more over the life of a 2 year contract ($480 total, around $470 in Present Value dollars). As such, in today's dollars, you're really getting something like a $20-30 discount (-$500, but +$20/month for next 24 months).


I understand why Rogers had to do this because of the new CRTC rules, where you're never really locked into a contract - you can get out at any time by paying off your FlexTab.


But as customers, we need to understand this difference. The savings of getting a "subsidized phone" is really only $20-$30 now, not $480. Given that, and especially if you have a good plan you want to keep, there are many more situations now where you should buy the phone outright and go on the NO TAB plan. Obviously, it costs a lot more upfront, but assuming you can save the money in advance to pay for it, the benefits of getting a "subsidized phone" and being forced into the latest plan is much less than before. This is just the new world we live in, and really isn't Rogers specific - all large carriers are doing this. 

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Re: Upgrade Phone But Avoid Changing Plans?

Whoah.. Looks like i'm jumping in on the end of this one. 



So here's my Questions? 


The Charge port on my Note 2 is worn out.  


CPR said they would replace it for $90.  


I can buy a wireless Charging kit for my Note 2 from China for $30,


I can call rogers and ask if they will give me a hardware upgrade and let me keep my plan (i know Wasting Time, Oxygen

& More time)


I can go to Canada Computers (or staples) and get a Fantastic Asus Zenfone 2 Unlocked for less than $400.


Or i can take a new cellphone from rogers in an upgrade, Get a BOATLOAD less data (unless i want to pay out the you know what) and essentially not have anything close to the same plan that i currently Enjoy.  --Not an option to keep my current plan. 


Which one would you do to Keep the 6GB LTE plan? 


And Is my old Note 2 Even worth Fixing?, it works, it does what i need it too. Does it have a life expectancy? 





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Re: Upgrade Phone But Avoid Changing Plans?

Hello @cdnmoosie


Thank you for your post and Welcome to the Forums! 


The Monthly Plan Requirement for Premium Smartphones upgrades is the following :


If you consider upgrading to a Premium Smartphone device, you must be on an eligible Share Everything plan, in order to receive the device at a subsidize cost on a two year term renewal.


If you are currently not on an eligible Share Everything plan you can either :


  • Purchase a Premium Smartphone without subsidy (ie. at full price)
  • Upgrade to a subsidized Smart Picks or Talk and Text device, depending on your current price plan category 
  • Upgrade to one of the select Premium Smartphone models that are eligible for a Smart Picks subsidy (applies only to legacy plans with a combined voice and data MSF of $60 or higher).


In regards to your question about fixing  the device and the life expectancy, this question might be something one of our Resident Experts @Meowmix might be able to assist with.



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Re: Upgrade Phone But Avoid Changing Plans?

In order to keep your 6GB price plan you can't make any changes to the account. So that means no price plan change or hardware upgrade. So you're stuck with buying your own device, whether you fix the old one or buy a new one outright.
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Re: Upgrade Phone But Avoid Changing Plans?

Hello @cdnmoosie

Unfortunately it's true. If you have the 6GB plan keep it. You COULD ask loyalty department to give u a 6GB loyalty plan which i had and was able to upgrade to my last phone (iPhone 6S Plus and Blackberry Priv) but changed as i needed more data.

For new phones which come out, u will need a new plan which cost is $70 or more.
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Re: Upgrade Phone But Avoid Changing Plans?

So i called rogers, the dude i talked to told me i could get a Nexus 6P, pay $350 up front instead of $199. And i would be able to get (from what i understood) 6gb of data and unlimited calling in Canada for $60 a month. Now i'm not exactly sure what he was talking about as he had a real strong french accent and was a tad hard to understand.  I will call back next week and ask for the loyalty dept, see what they have to say. 


On another note, another cell repair store told me they would replace my usb for $45.  My phone's usb port seems to be working ok now that i bought a new USB cord. but it still is worn out.  So guess i'll see what i can do with Rogee's in the meantime. 



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Re: Upgrade Phone But Avoid Changing Plans?

While you can get the Nexus 6P for $349.99 on the Smart Tab pricing, none of the regular Share Everything+ plans have 6GB. There is a 5GB Smart Tab for $105.00/month, and 9GB Smart Tab for $125.00/month.


Keep in mind those are the normal plans. I have heard some customers, depending on their account and their history with the company, get targeted for special price plans. So not saying what he told you was wrong, but I'm not aware of a plan with that much data at that price.

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Re: Upgrade Phone But Avoid Changing Plans?

Hi; I would like to upgrade my phone but keep using my old phone with the same plan, is this possible as loing as i keep paying my bill for another 2 years because of the new phone.



Rogers Employee lockdown2341
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Re: Upgrade Phone But Avoid Changing Plans?



Well as stated earlier in the thread, probably not. Someone would have to look into your account to determine that. Generally if you're on a 2-year term with a Share Everything plan you *should* be able to keep that. However if you're on any other type of plan, and it is an old 3-year term plan as well, then you're going to have to change.


You should be directing this question to phone or chat support for a definite answer.

Retired Moderator RogersShakir
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Re: Upgrade Phone But Avoid Changing Plans?

Hi rookie56,

Thank you for your patience and welcome to the community Forums!

Your question requires getting access to you account. @CommunityHelps will contact you via private message. Please check our messages via the envelope icon which appears in the top right hand side of your screen when you are logged into the forums.


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