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Upfront Edge

I opted to wait instead of pre ordering.. I wasn't sure if I was ready to pay that money yet, as my phone is still mint and works great. That being said I received a text from Rogers this morning saying to upgrade for 0$ to the s10 on the edge program or something like that. Any insight on this program?




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Re: Upfront Edge

Hello @Cursee1

Basically it's a program where they give u a discount HOWEVER at the end of ur term or when u do the next upgrade ( which ever one comes first, you will need to give back the device to them in working condition OR you pay back the discount they offered u.

" You must return phone in good working condition (must power up to the home screen, accept a charge, and have the ability to perform a factory reset; LCD/touchscreen must be functioning and cannot have any dark spots, blemishes or broken and/or cracked glass; all accounts and passwords must be removed and/or turned off; phone cannot have been reported lost or stolen) during month 24 (or in months 13-24 while upgrading to a new phone on a 2-yr term), otherwise Upfront Edge amount will be charged to your account. Cancellation of your services during your 2-year term will also result in charging of early cancellation fees and Upfront Edge amount"

Here is more to explain. It's on their website......


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Re: Upfront Edge

I don't want someone to take this the wrong way - but this sounds like a "payday loan" type offer.  If you can't afford the phone and this is the only way to get it - it doesn't make any sense because you'll get FAR more for your phone selling it on your own than giving it to rogers.